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Multy solution landing

Meet Multy

We designed the new networking concept to blanket your home with wireless coverage, we called it - Multy. We’ve created the Multy WiFi system that adapts to your ever-multiplying network needs. Bigger homes. More devices. Faster connections. Simply put, Multy was created as a wifi system for these modern day demands. And, as your needs continue to change and grow, rest assured, Multy is here to provide the coverage and performance your network craves.

Why Multy

Multy is all about simplicity. Because this system is designed as a single network, your devices will automatically connect to the nearest Multy allowing you to roam freely in your home without manually connecting to the nearest router or extender. Plus, connecting and managing your devices is a breeze. All you need is our Multy app. It’s that simple.

Multy Solution

The Multy U adds a dash of personality to your home network lifestyle. The aesthetic beauty of rounded corners design and X-shaped breathing light fuses together perfectly to achieve a remarkably seamless style. Multy X is designed for home users who look to self-manage home WiFi in a simple, app-based way. Multy Plus is designed for small business users, it's space-saving mount provides a simple setup with various flexible placement options for your business environment.