Kocaer Textile Selects ZyXEL Solution to Link Retail Outlets

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When Kocaer Textile, one of Turkeys leading brands in the manufacturing of textile products for home and bathroom, decided to link its own retail outlets throughout the country, it turned to ZyXEL to create a wireless network solution. Along with operating its own Chakra brand of stores, Kocaer also manufactures products for some the top names in retail. Therefore, it was imperative to maintain a level of quality that customers expect from the brand. It was for this reason that the company chose to work with ZyXEL, a proven name in wireless networking.

“We have managed to expand our wireless network without changing our existing infrastructure thanks to the tunnel mode of ZyXEL products. By integrating our branches and the central location via tunnel mode, wireless security was achieved conveniently. When we think of the enhanced productivity brought about by the project, we are further convinced that we have made the right choice in ZyXEL.”

Göksel Sunar
IT manager, Kocaer Textile

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