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From business people checking emails, to leisure travellers researching local attractions, today's travellers expect the same seamless experience in their hotel room that they would get at home. However, hotel Wi-Fi is still one of the biggest bugbears for hotel guests, and hoteliers are struggling to accommodate the influx of connected devices.

Zyxel has partnered with Opinium to explore and understand current Wi-Fi pain-points, as well as identify the opportunities to make a difference. Read our report and see that hotel Wi-Fi solutions need to be bulletproof, and with a fast, reliable commercial Wi-Fi network, you can deliver new services, drive business growth – and ultimately host happier customers.

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Hotel Wi-Fi Solutions for every environment

No matter where in the hotel your guests end up, you need to ensure their Wi-Fi coverage is reliably robust – while looking delicately discreet. That’s why Zyxel hospitality products are designed to perfectly blend into all kinds of environments.

Lobby Meeting Hallway Pool


Wait a minute, what AP? The neat and tidy ‘smoke detector’ ceiling- and wall-mountable NWA5120 series provides noticeable coverage and performance – in a design you won’t even know is there.

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Our WAC6500 series is perfect for high-density environments. So when your guests decide to move the party to the hotel lobby, you’ll be able to ensure a consistent and uninterrupted wireless experience for all.

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Designed for outdoor use, the WAC6553D-E series provides the best possible coverage. The device is extraordinarily easy to install with the ZyXEL APFlex™ feature, and it looks great in a bikini too.

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Conference and
meeting rooms

The solid choice for easy 802.11ac migration, our WAC6502D-S, WAC6503D-S and WAC6103D-S smart antennas offer wide coverage and reliable performance for deal-breaking environments.

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Our NWA5301-NJ Access Point (AP) features an innovative wall-plate design to provide Wi-Fi services from one room to another. It also includes layer-2 isolation so that what happens in the room stays in the room.

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Connected customers = happy customers

We’ve worked with hospitality businesses around the world to provide the best Wi-Fi solutions for hotels – helping them to host happier customers.

Take a look at some of our case studies:

Dutch hotel chain meets guests’ Wi-Fi needs across locations

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World famous Ministry of Sound nightclub boosts network resilience

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Luxury Hotel and Spa in Turkey Connects Guests with Zyxel Solution

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Top 5 tips

for hotels installing a Wi-Fi network

Hospitality report insights



of hoteliers admit their hotel Wi-Fi solution struggles to cope with the number of devices guests are bringing with them


admit that no or poor guest Wi-Fi is a top complaint made by guests


hoteliers are not happy with the Wi-Fi service they provide

Hoteliers think the following aspects hinder Wi-Fi performance:

Thickness of walls
Distance from router / wireless access point
Size of connected devices






don’t think hotel Wi-Fi solutions are good enough to meet their needs and 65% have had to rely on their mobile connection due to poor wireless


of travellers bring up to 3 internet-enabled devices to hotels


Guests are looking for more hotel services to be delivered over Wi-Fi

Here’s what guests value when choosing a hotel:

Star rating
Special offers
Swimming pool




Hospitality report

Want to learn the current ways in which you can delight your customers? We’ve commissioned industry research to explore the hotel Wi-Fi pain-points experienced by UK hoteliers and their guests. And as part of this, we’ve identified the opportunities for you to make things better. To see the surprising results, take a look at our report.

Wi-Fi Demystified

Nope. Most people don’t realise that other electronic devices such as microwaves, cordless phones and baby monitors can all cause disruption too. So can mirrors and windows, by reflecting signal back. When this happens, your hotel wireless devices’ transmission can be lost.
How often have you been frustrated that you can’t connect to the internet, and vented all your frustration at the Wi-Fi itself? Poor old Wi-Fi. While the first response is usually to buy more bandwidth, this isn’t the answer: it’s all about ensuring that traffic is evenly distributed. Because hotel Wi-Fi is only as good as the infrastructure behind it.
Wrong again. Power management of APs is key to a successful wireless deployment – it’s not just a case of ramping up power to 100% or leaving power settings on default. Tweaking the power can make or break hotel Wi-Fi network performance.
Would you join a motorway with 3 lanes of heavy congestion, or a motorway with 19 lanes of less traffic? A client device will commonly select 2.4GHz (3 lanes) over 5GHz (19 lanes) merely because it appears to have a stronger signal. It’s a common perception that the AP or the router does this, but actually the client’s device makes the assumptions.
Certainly not. Installing 802.11ac means upgrading to faster speeds and less frequency interference. But it doesn't also mean you must ‘rip and replace’ your existing network. Many vendors provide backward compatibility to previous generation equipment, so you can take a mix-and-match approach to deploying newer Wi-Fi solutions for hotels.

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