Danish Boarding School Upgrades to Future-proof Wireless Network

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When Nøvlingskov Continuation School, a vocational boarding school in the Danish countryside, was faced with the need to modernize its network, the school contacted HBK Data Service, a ZyXEL partner with whom they already had a constructive working relationship. Because of school’s emphasis on vocational training in a progressive and forward-looking learning environment, it was imperative to stay apace of the latest technology. The school wanted to update the network component of its IT infrastructure with a focus on a wireless connectivity, due to the fact that their current solution relied on single-location access points. With the help of HBK Data Service and ZyXEL products, a user-friendly, future-ready solution was created.

“I’m currently satisfied with our new wireless network from ZyXEL. A stable network has become a pre-requisite for a good school and tuition, and I think that is what we now have. It is difficult to future-proof in IT, but I think that we have a user-friendly system which also accommodates unknown possibilities, including extra expansion.”

Lars S. Hansen, IT manager
Nøvlingskov Continuation School

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