NSA-220 Plus

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Central Digital Media Library

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  • 4TB maximum storage capacity support
  • DLNA1.5 certified to allow compatibility with a wide range of digital media devices
  • Auto-upload photos/videos to Flickr/ YouTube
  • BT/HTTP(S)/FTP(S) for auto-download independent of the PC
  • IP filtering to protect BT downloads
  • Built-in RSS server and client for auto-uploads and status updates

Robust 2-Bay Network Attached Storage to Store, Distribute and Stream Your Digital Assets

Fast, shareable and expandable digital media library

The ZyXEL NSA-220 Plus is a 2-bay Network Storage Appliance providing up to 4TB (2TB x 2) capacity for home users. The centralized storage saves time for CD/DVD burning and avoids the risk of PC hard disk crashes; it also offers a quick and easy way to store, access and share important files through the Windows network neighborhood or FTP from any computer on your network. ZyXEL refines the model with the latest Gigabit Ethernet and SATA technologies to enhance the transfer, storage and retrieval performance of digital media files.

Easy plug-and-play for multimedia streams

The ZyXEL NSA-220 Plus with UPnP and DLNA1.5 Certified makes you easily to access music and video from any compatible media players. You can playback collective contents through DLNA-capable clients such as digital TVs, mobile phones, media players and PDAs everywhere at home even without any pre-installed driver. The total home media solution includes bundled client and the optional ZyXEL DMA (Digital Media Adapter) to stream high-definition contents everywhere for your digital enjoyment.

Multi-tiered protection to secure your digital collections

The ZyXEL NSA-220 Plus provides multi-tiered protections to your digital collection. The intuitive Memeo full-backup software bundle helps you to backup from PC instantly, while the intelligent "copy/sync" button helps copying from external USB storage devices or card readers, and a folder will be created automatically to accommodate the transferred data. In addition, the built-in data mirror mode also protects your personal collection from losing in case of disk failures.