Business Access Point Addressing SMB Needs

No Extra Cost Converting Stand-alone AP Architecture into Management WLAN Architecture

The ZyXEL Wireless LAN Access Points 3000 Series is a “hybrid” AP that acts as a stand-alone enterprise-class AP and/or a WLAN controller at the same time. The hybrid AP has full flexibility to deploy secure and reliable WLAN networks and is able to manage up to 24 APs and is suitable for companies with 300-500 staffs. In the initial phase constructing a WLAN, the NWA 3000 can be configured as a fully functional stand-alone AP; with more APs installed, the NWA 3000 can be set to the WLAN controller mode to manage all other access points. When a new branch office is established, one of the managed NWA 3000s can become another controller to manage a separate WLAN network.

Simplified Management with Scalability

The Wireless LAN Access Points 3000 Series can centrally manage up to 24 access points for diversified applications; these access points could include dual-band NWA-3160, dual-band and dual-radio NWA-3500, high-power NWA-3163, draft 11n 2.0 support NWA-3166 and outdoor dual-radio NWA3550. The capability to support a wide range of managed access points enables network administrators to choose the best AP for desired applications, and the management interface reminiscing single AP also helps the staff to easily oversee all the WLAN access points, even they are not on the same site.

Secure Architecture for Reliable, Scalable Wi-Fi Networks

The Wireless LAN Access Points 3000 Series meets the security and high availability demanded by enterprises as all communications between the hybrid AP and managed AP are performed in a secured tunnel. Since no configuration data is stored on the managed AP, sensitive setup information is not exposed even if the AP is stolen. The hybrid AP also provides the scalability to manage APs across different networks.

Enterprise-class Access Point Functionality

The Wireless LAN Access Points 3000 Series is a series of full-function, enterprise-class AP providing 802.11a/b/g connectivity, up to 8 SSIDs per radio, profile-based management, leading QoS technology for VoWiFi applications, as well as comprehensive management features for massive deployments.

Plenum Rating with Ease of Deployment

The Wireless LAN Access Points 3000 Series is also equipped with PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) capabilities designed for small to medium enterprises. It is built with LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) material and is compliant with UL2043, the so-called plenum rating. It reduces the amount of toxic and corrosive gases emitted during the production process to protect people and equipments from the harmful emission. With the mentioned features, 3000 Series is the best choice to add wireless access to your existing business network or hospitality environment.