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VPN Firewall


Your Secured Connection
to the World

Advanced VPN Firewall with an option to run SD-WAN

The ZyWALL VPN50 integrated innovations connects your cross-group network while providing you the world’s best central management and security features.

Secure your cross-group network

The ZyWALL VPN50 is equipped with comprehensive VPN connection types including SSL & IPsec VPN, offering businesses secured remote connections.

IPsec VPN hardware engine for high efficiency VPN tunnel and VPN load balance/failover with IKEv2 that ensures strong VPN reliability and security for business.

Reliance on cloud platforms for mission-critical services are growing, VPN50 is validated by Microsoft Azure and AWS for SMB convenience by using a combination of on-site and cloud-based infrastructure with hybrid networks.

Same Security Across Networks

Whether it is a wired or wireless, the ZyWALL VPN series enhanced with secure WiFi integration to ensure the same network controls between firewalls and remote access points which can be applied to corporate headquarters, branch offices, homes or other workplaces. Our ZyWALL VPN series adopt the authorization with strict two-factor authentication (2FA) logins. It also supports a more safer tunnel protection with NVGRE over IPSec, easily extend your remote working experience at secure workplaces as you were in the office anywhere, anytime.

Centralized cloud management and monitoring

SD-WAN provides a platform for cloud management, get the benefit of a centralized management for site to site connectivity while having the ability to control and monitor remotely. VPN50 also provides a standalone gateway mode, if you request more robust VPN functionalities.

Why should your
business adopt SD-WAN

Greater Agility

Quick installation. Remote control. Centralized monitoring

Higher Throughput

Advanced WAN technology boosts throughput performance

Lower Cost

Improve network quality without extra bandwidth investment

Protect your business efficiently

The ZyWALL VPN50 provides all the latest advanced technologies including Content Filtering and Geo Enforcer to better protect your network from web threats.

Content Filtering
Content Filtering

Strengthen security by blocking access to malicious or risky websites. Prevents malware downloads from compromised or hacked websites.

Geo Enforcer
Geo Enforcer

Monitors traffic and analyzes log data of IP address locations while denying access from unnecessary or potentially dangerous traffic.

Comprehensive connectivity

The ZyWALL VPN50 combines AP Controller technology enabling users to manage up to 40 APs from a centralized user interface. Businesses can deploy or expand a managed WiFi network with minimal effort.

Non-stop service

VPN features multi-WAN load balancing and failover safety with USB 3G/4G support as a backup WAN.

ZyWALL VPN Subscription Services

The ZyWALL VPN50 provides a complete feature set to perfectly fit different business requirements as well as to enable the maximum performance for security, and connectivity. Comprehensive network modularity also empowers IT professionals to customize the system to meet their individual needs.

  • Content Filtering 2.0

    Content Filtering

  • Geo-enforcer

    Geo enforcer

  • AP Controller

    Managed APs

VPN50/100/300/1000 Application Diagram

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Deploy VPN50 as the central of your network and connect with other VPN50/100/300 firewalls to bring a comprehensive approach to the way you connect your network.


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