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Welcome to the ZyXEL Networking Glossary - your definitive source for descriptions of networking terms and ZyXEL's product features.

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    Two Rate Three Color Marker (TRTCM) as defined in RFC 2698, is a type of traffic policing that measures IP packet streams against two user defined criteria: Peak Information Rate (PIR) and Committed Information Rate (CIR). TRTCM marks IP packets with DiffServ Code Point values. RFC 2698 refers to the different DiffServ Code Point values as the colors red, yellow and green. Red indicates the packets have the highest chance of being dropped, yellow indicates a medium chance of being dropped and green indicates a low chance of being dropped. TRTCM marks the IP packets that exceed the PIR red, the packets that exceed the CIR yellow, and the packets that do not exceed the CIR are marked green. See DiffServ, CIR, PIR, Traffic Policing, DSCP.