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  Adult/Mature Content Pornography Sex Education
  Intimate Apparel/Swimsuit Nudity Alcohol/Tobacco
  Illegal/Questionable Gambling Violence/Hate/Racism
  Weapons Abortion Arts/Entertainment
  Business/Economy Cult/Occult Illegal Drugs
  Education Cultural Institutions Financial Services
  Brokerage/Trading Games Government/Legal
  Military Political/Activist Groups Health
  Computers/Internet Hacking/Proxy Avoidance Search Engines/Portals
  Web Communications Job Search/Careers News/Media
  Personals/Dating Reference Chat/Instant Messaging
  Email Newsgroups Religion
  Shopping Auctions Real Estate
  Society/Lifestyle Gay/Lesbian Restaurants/Dining/Food
  Sports/Recreation/Hobbies Travel Vehicles
  Humor/Jokes Streaming Media/MP3 Software Downloads
  Pay to Surf For Kids Web Advertisements
  Web Hosting

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