Armor Z2 with Powerful processor and extreme Wi-Fi speed for uninterrupted massive game & media streaming powerful processing power for the best media experience.

Handling 4K UHD media contents, immersive gaming, big file transferring, music streaming, ARMOR Z2 ensures performance by 1.7GHz dual-core processor and dual-band Wi-Fi

for maximized speed up to 2600Mbps Stream 4K UHD video contents;

gain the advantage with no-lag online gaming, and much more with the fast 1.7GHz dual-core processor and StreamBoostTM technology.

Supersonic Quad Stream WiFi AC2600

Get the latest wireless 802.11ac standard speeds. With up to 2600 Mbps of combined wireless speeds, stream high definition movies without stutters, transfer files quicker to your mobile devices, play online games with the low latency.

Whether it's fiber connection or other high speed Internet connections,

get the maximum bandwidth from your Internet service provider to all your devices with

ARMOR Z2's high routing performance.


Dual Core 1.7 GHz CPU

The ARMOR Z2 is powered with a high end processor, giving you more routing performance for all your network hungry devices needs.
  • 1.7GHz


4GB eMMC Flash Storage

Storage for applications including: StreamBoost, usage monitor, DLNA database, and future applications.
  • 512MB RAM
  • 4GB eMMC

Adjustable Antennas

Fine tune your wireless signals to your preference for maximum coverage.

  • 500 m2Coverage
  • 4x4Streams

Beamforming coverage

Unlike traditional wireless where it scatters it signals everywhere, the ARMOR Z2 pinpoints your wireless device and focuses its wireless connection solely to that device, enabling strong wireless signals.

No Beamforming
After Beamforming
After Beamforming


Exclusive airflow design let the cool air circulate through chassis, allows the hot exhaust air to exit from the chassis without recirculating into the router.

  • Inlet
  • 4Inlet
  • 4Outlet
  • Outlet

Thermally enhanced chassis

The new ARMOR Z2 is designed to expel heat efficiently keeping all the components running cooler, allowing the router to run faster and more reliably.

  • Lan port
  • Exclusive Chassis Design
  • Cool Air In
  • Signal & Stauts Indicator
  • Warm Air Out
  • High-Power & Antennas
  • Bottom Case
    Exclusive Design
  • Lan port
  • Exclusive Chassis Design
  • Cool Air In
  • Signal & Stauts Indicator
  • Warm Air Out
  • High-Power & Antennas
  • Exclusive Bottom Case Design
  • Rear Interfaces


Experience the best MU-MIMO performance and reliability with the latest 2nd generation of Qualcomm's AC2600 Wi-Fi.

Latest 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO technology serves multi-devices at the same time, that means everyone and everything has dedicated Wi-Fi streaming and 3x faster Wi-Fi speed on your busy network provides up accelerated Wi-Fi speed to all devices. When connected with MU-MIMO compatible Wi-Fi devices, gain up to 3x the performance over traditional Wi-Fi speed.

Single-User MIMO

Multiple-User MIMO

4K Ready

Stream 4K video contents without the stutter to the latest smart televisions or the latest streaming boxes. Get the best experience of ultra-high definition with the ARMOR Z2.

Qualcomm's StreamBoost ™

Run as many network applications as you want without sacrificing your network streaming experience or increasing online game latency. Qualcomm's StreamBoost™ intelligently manages your Internet bandwidth for all your networking needs without setting up complicated QoS.


Get the ARMOR Z2 setup quickly with our guided eaZy123 setup!

No PC needed, no complicated setup steps,
you can easily setup internet connection and wireless setting fairly straightforward.

Usage Monitor

Usage Monitor allows you to view the home network bandwidth utilized by applications, clients.

Set a warning for internet plan utilization; you will receive a message from system once you hit your plan usage limit.

ONE Connect

ZyXEL's ONE Connect mobile app provides an easy solution to expand your Wi-Fi network with ONE Connect ready devices.

Effortlessly copy your existing ZyXEL Wi-Fi network to a ONE Connect ready extender for a unified Wi-Fi experience.

We also encourage you to get an easy future-proofed solution with ONE Connect.

ZyXEL Photo

With a connected USB storage to the ARMOR Z2, automatically backup your photos from your favorite mobile devices with this free app! Test proved you can backup 30 photos ( size around 1.5MB) within one minute.


Remotely manage your router, run a website, share files,
and much more with our free and easy to remember DDNS address.

2 USB Ports & myZyXEL Cloud

Connect storage devices with one of the fastest USB connections available.

Ensure you get the maximum performance for sharing your USB storage's data on your network.

Register myZyXELcloud to access and manage various functions on the ARMOR Z2 from myZyXELcloud remotely.

WiFi Protected Access WPA/WPA2

Improved the security of Wi-Fi connections by requiring use of stronger wireless encryption.

Denial of Service Protection

Secured shared Internet and network,
get protected from malicious attacks from hackers.