IEEE 802.11n Standard

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IEEE 802.11n Standard

ZyXEL's 802.11n Products Comply to the Final IEEE 802.11n Standard

The IEEE Standards Board has officially ratified the IEEE 802.11n as a standard on September 11, 2009. ZyXEL's 11n wireless products as the list below comply with the latest and final IEEE 802.11n standard. Furthermore, all of ZyXEL products that have achieved Draft 11n certification from WiFi Alliance (WFA) will be Wi-Fi Certified™ n compliant and identified with its logo.


NBG-460N Gigabit Wireless N Router with VPN
NBG420N Wireless N Router with VPN
NBG-419N Wireless N Home Router
NBG4606 Wireless N Gigabit Managed Router
NWD2205 Wireless N USB Adapter
NWD2105 Wireless N-lite USB Adapter
NWD310N Wireless N PCI adapter
NWD271N Wireless N USB adapter
NWD-211AN Dual-band Wireless N USB adapter
NWA570N Wireless N Access Point
WAP3205 Wireless N Access Point
NWA-3166 Wireless N Business WLAN Access Point
NWD210N Wireless N USB Adapter