Grand Hotel Pupp Acquires Fast Access from ZyXEL Comprehensive Solutions, Czech Republic

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For three centuries Grand Hotel Pupp has been a symbol of Karlovy Vary, the seat of comfort and first-rate services for guests from around the world. Throughout its existence, the hotel has undergone constant development to meet the demands of guests who want contemporary, modern technologies.

The hotel's most recent investment was the introduction of high-speed Internet connections in all 228 rooms and 11 conference rooms. Guests can use Wi-Fi Internet services in all salons. The update recognizes that every guest needs access to e-mail.

"No small or large corporate event can be held without Internet access. Therefore, the choice of supplier is important. The supplier must be able to ensure comprehensive Internet services and guarantee their faultless functioning. SICONET was selected to implement the assignment," JUDr. Roman Hrabal, the Deputy General Director of the Pupp Hotel said.

The choice of ZyXEL products was a sound one for the hotel, the director of SICONET said. Introducing Internet access in the Pupp Hotel was a challenge in many ways. "The Pupp is a historic building, in addition to being a very luxurious and prestigious hotel that caters to the most demanding clientele," he said. "They certainly would not accept any decrease in the level of services, be it noise or any other technical problems, During the implementation of the technology, We didn't want to improvise, and that is why we chose ZyXEL. ZyXEL has solutions for hotels of various types, and they have already been tested in practice," Ing. Kurt Singer, SICONET's director, said.


First, it was necessary to provide Internet access in the rooms. The hotel had been using an ADSL telephone line that could be accessed only in the hotel's lobby through two reserved computers. Hotel managers decided to extend secure Internet access to all rooms and in all public areas. Implementation would be carried out during full operation, with no limitation of services. It was not possible to cut into the walls of the historic building or use unsightly installation clamps to put up the structured cable It was necessary to sensitively use the existing telephone lines that had provided with xDSL (ADSL) technology without limiting the functioning of the lines. This is superstructure technology – a data function (the Internet) was added to the voice function, just like common home telephone lines, using the Internet at the same time. No "dirty" installation work was needed there, and operations were not limited.

Solutions and Benefits

The order was implemented by SICONET, which focuses on IT services. The physical implementation took a week at the height of the hotel season, and the work was completed during busy operation without limiting any of the hotel's services. SICONET chose ZyXEL equipment from the Hotel Solutions category, a portfolio of special products for hotels which integrate Ethernet (structured Cat5 cables), Wi-Fi (wireless technology), and xDSL (Cat3 telephone cables). This is a conceptual solution that is suitable for large, private hotels like the Pupp. As a part of the order, SICONET worked with subcontractor Belltech in Karlovy Vary, which coordinated the cable preparation.. ZyXEL added all the technologies, including billing.

SICONET decided to use high-speed Internet connections from Telefonica O2. To increase security, the firm chose Firewall ZyWALL 1050, which makes it possible, with the assistance of VLAN (virtual LAN), to physically divide the individual parts of the hotel. In this way, guests have a shared capacity but cannot get into the hotel's internal network. The two parts are virtually separated in terms of security.

Administration of individual Internet accounts and billing for fees is carried out with Vantage Service Gateway VSG-1200. This is an access gate which, using built-in intelligence, allows hotel guests to access the Internet without having to change any settings in their computers. VSG 1200 offers reliable protection for users logging on, remote access, and administration. The gate supports VPN encoded operations, ensuring each guest secured access to his/her company's data. Use of Internet services can be flexibly billed according to preset billing tariffs for each minute, hour, or other parameters. Because the PMS interface is integrated into the VSG-1200 gate, it is possible to take advantage of cooperation with the hotel administration systems.In the case of Grandhotel Pupp, the Fidelio system is used.

Integration With the Hotel Systems

The hotel's reception desk can bill for services directly to a room, or indirectly, with the help of printed tickets. Integration of Fidelio with the hotel system enables the reception desk staff to simply increase a guest's bill by the amount for connecting to the Internet.The system takes care of the connection with accounting. For connecting to the Internet, the receptionist sees the introductory page for logging on and a name and password are assigned. The interface makes it possible to print a ticket and activate Internet service without the necessity of an administrator intervening.

To connect all the rooms and common areas 220 high-speed ADSL 2+ modems/routers, the P-660RU model, were needed.They were installed in the rooms. The wireless part of the Internet connections in the Pupp Hotel was addressed by 20 ADSL 2+ Wi-Fi modems/routers, the P-660HW model. The heart of the entire system is the flagship of the IP DSLAM brand of ZyXEL – the IP IES-5000 model. DSLAM is a connecting element between a source connection to the Internet and the existing telephone network, which serves for distribution of the Internet to the individual rooms. SICONET ensures uninterrupted oversight of the system.

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