US Internet Deploys Super Fast Internet over Active Fiber Using End-to-End ZyXEL Gear, USA

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A solution provides non-stop and hassle-free high-speed Internet

“The key to me in this whole technology game is, if you can put it out and it just works, and you don’t have to babysit it, that is success. ZyXEL products just run. They just work.”

Travis Carter
Vice President Technology, US Internet


US Internet headquartered in Minnesota, USA, with presence in over 4,000 cities, is a top international provider of high speed Internet and hosting services. US Internet has colocation presence in Minnetonka, USA, London, UK and Sydney, AU. As the demand for super fast broadband Internet service in the markets was growing, US Internet wanted to upgrade the infrastructure to respond to the customers' needs. Originally US Internet attempted to deploy GPON fiber technology, but after evaluation, US Internet found out that the hardware cost of $900 USD per customer was prohibitive, and decided instead to test far more affordable Active Ethernet-based fiber technology.


Founded in 1995, US Internet is a global provider of Internet, hosting, application, and digital phone services for government, institutions, business and consumers worldwide. US Internet wanted to answer the growing demand for super fast broadband Internet service in the markets they served. Having exhausted the potential offered by copper-based technologies, US Internet was evaluating a high speed fiber option for this service.

Solutions and Benefits

US Internet’s network architecture consists of a Central Office that is capable of serving a city area spanning 18 blocks by 36 blocks and approximately 20,000 subscribers. Servicing this set-up would require about 900 of ZyXEL’s ES-3124F switches in the central office. The ES-3124F switches have 24 ports, each of which is connected via fibre to subscriber premises and terminated into an Active Ethernet gateway — the FSG1100HN. The FSG1100HN is then connected to a wireless router — ZyXEL’s NBG4615 (please refer to NBG4615 v2 for the replacement) which is configured to provide high speed wireless Internet service to the establishment. 

Solution Highlights

  • One-Stop Shop

By sourcing end-to-end equipment from a single vendor, US Internet is able to maintain uniform product quality resulting in better service to their subscribers. ZyXEL was able to customize products for US Internet, simplifying and accelerating deployment, and smoothing logistics and technical support.

  • Outstanding Equipment Reliability

US Internet has been impressed with ZyXEL products’ dependability, which has not only reduced costs associated with support — improving profitability — but produced satisfied and loyal customers.

  • Uniform Management & User Interface

Since the entire solution is sourced from ZyXEL, all the equipment shares the same user and management interface making it easy to train US Internet personnel. The uniform management capabilities of all the equipment also simplify integrating them into US Internet’s proprietary management software. 

  • Remote Configuration & Management

US Internet is able to remotely configure both the FSG1100HN Active Ethernet gateway and the NBG4615 wireless router so that a service technician can install and start service within 20 minutes saving both time and money. And most issues can be resolved by trouble shooting remotely without the need for a costly truck roll to the customer premise.

  • Tiered Service Provisioning

ZyXEL’s ES-3124F switches come with a built-in rate limiting feature that US Internet uses to control both the ingress and egress data rate. 

This enabled US Internet to offer different tiered services without using expensive packet shaper equipment. By partnering with ZyXEL, US Internet has been able to affordably provide its subscribers with non-stop, and economical high-speed Internet that operates seamlessly and is designed for simple upgrading to Gigabit Internet in the future.

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