Trojský Vrch Uses ZyXEL Technology to Facilitate Internet Connection, Czech Republic

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More than 800 residences enjoy IP applications and Internet via ZyXEL VDSL Solution

“Because VDSL technology was chosen and the DSLAM device was installed, we were able to finalize installation in a short time frame at minimal cost. It was not necessary to lead cables to every apartment separately, and we also benefit from significant financial savings on materials and labor. Consequently, we were able to transform these savings into lower service costs for end users.”

Roman Zubek 
Pe3ny Company Engineer


Being one of the largest apartment complexes in the Czech Republic, Trojský Vrch takes advantage of a brand new high-capacity Internet connection utilizing the cutting-edge technology from ZyXEL. Almost a thousand apartments benefit from high-speed, reliable Internet connectivity, IP telephony and IP TV with almost zero aggregation rate.


Internet service of the Trojský Vrch apartment was provided by Pe3ny NET, the dominant service provider in Prague, and the challenge was to provide high-speed connection with IP telephony and IP TV applications to more than 800 apartments in six entranceways of the Trojský Vrch apartment complex. The task involved introducing a high-speed connection into the apartment complex itself, followed by subsequent distribution works leading to individual apartments.

Solutions and Benefits

ZyXEL’s VDSL in combination with IP DSLAM was evaluated as the most suitable solution. The ZyXEL VDSL solution not only enables faster data transfer over the existing telephone lines, but also simplifies the deployment process since it is not necessary to distribute new cables. Additionally, VDSL is applicable for IP TV in HD resolution, IP telephony and concurrent Internet connections.

The ZyXEL DSLAM VES1724-56 has been chosen as the access network device for its bandwidth and smart multicast video transfer consolidation features capable of establishing various virtual networks requiring video streams and unifying requests into one. The VES1724-56 receives high-speed optic fiber connectivity from the managed switch and then distributes the connectivity to the individual customer apartment by means of telephone lines. As the distance between IP DSLAM and VDSL is a key factor that significantly influences the connection quality, the VES1724-56 was deployed only ten meters away from the complex to ensure the stability and the maximum transfer speed. In each household, a ZyXEL P-870HN-51b 802.11n Wireless VDSL2 4-port Gateway router was installed along with a high-speed 802.11n wireless network. Network status monitoring takes place in the newly developed supervision center. Since the network does not apply any filtering schemes, users are free to use any applications without hassle.

The newly built infrastructure enables customers to receive high-speed Internet, and enjoy IP TV and IP telephony. As VDSL technology in combination with IP DSLAM ZyXEL VES1724-56 is used for deploying the network throughout the apartment complex, residents can use the Internet connection easily: just connect the supplied VDSL modem to the telephone socket and it’s done. The deployment of VDSL in combination with IP DSLAM equipment enables users make use of the existing infrastructure, in particular the already prevalent telephone cables.

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