EarthLink’s Partnership with ZyXEL: Strong Solutions; Strong Relations, USA

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“The P660R series offers EarthLink the combination of affordability, durability and performance our customers require. ZyXEL is an outstanding business partner and works with EarthLink as if it is a part of our internal team.“

Janet Russell
Senior Product Manager, EarthLink


As a leading national Internet service provider, Atlanta-based EarthLink has earned an award-winning reputation for outstanding customer service and its suite of online products and services to facilitate a safe and secure Internet experience. Nowadays, EarthLink has to find a way to get service into households in an extremely cost effective manner. EarthLink needs the capability to ship DSL routers and other networking equipment directly to customers, and for the customers to be able to get the equipment up and running quickly and easily. Furthermore, devices would have to be reliable enough for EarthLink to keep customer support costs to a minimum.


In an increasingly noisy and saturated market for high-speed broadband services, EarthLink faces the formidable task of delivering differentiated service over a leased network infrastructure. EarthLink needs world-class, affordable broadband access products that offer customers effortless set-up, total reliability and rock-solid support.

Solutions and Benefits

ZyXEL matched EarthLink’s unique set of challenges to a killer product: the ADSL2+ P660R router. The P660R series delivers high-speed Internet, minimal set-up configuration and universal plug-and-play (UPnP) support for easy interconnectivity in the digital home all within a compact form. And to further strengthen the broadband package, EarthLink enriched its connected-home service offering with ZyXEL Powerline adapters for instant home networking.

The P660R compact router series complies with worldwide ADSL standards and supports speeds of up to 12 Mbps (ADSL2) or 24 Mbps (ADSL2+). The modem also offers higher data transfer rates and better bandwidth than traditional ADSL-enabled routers allowing users a superior experience with popular multimedia applications such as interactive gaming and audio and video streaming. 

The P660R is an ace-in-the-hole for UPnP, supporting both discovery and traversal. Using the standard TCP/IP protocol, the P660R can join a network, obtain IP addresses, convey its capabilities and learn about other devices on the network. EarthLink can connect households without the expense and time of a truck-roll. Users can connect their routers to DSL connections in minutes.

By adding ZyXEL’s Powerline products to its core offering, EarthLink has further differentiated its value proposition for its subscribers offering an easy, plug-n-play home networking option. Powerline simply leverages a home’s electrical outlets to instantly extend fast, secure service to any and every room in the house. During its seven year relationship with ZyXEL, EarthLink has shipped more than 750,000 ZyXEL routers.

ZyXEL provides technology born of talent, commitment to lifecycle support and dedication to remaining a dependable business partner.

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