A Secure, Powerful Wi-Fi Network for Sušice Primary School, Czech Republic

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Sušice Primary School employs over 40 instructors and has almost 600 students attending every day. The school also provides language courses for parents with children and the general public, and this means that students occupy the classrooms from time to time. In order to provide convenient Internet connections, it was necessary to install a high-quality wireless network with access to internal servers and to provide Wi-Fi signal coverage for the school premises.

"Teachers are all equipped with business-class laptops, and it was necessary to install a matching Wi-Fi network to maximize the potential. Now teachers are no longer restricted to use computers in their own offices; they can work at any location on school premises. During classes, they can have access to materials saved on shared disks and use Internet at the same time."

Mgr. Lenka Kopřivová
Teacher of computer studies, Sušice Primary School

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