Green product strategy


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Green design

Power-saving mode

Zyxel products enter power-saving mode automatically when the Ethernet links become inactive.

Wireless scheduling*

Zyxel products can be configured to turn on or off automatically according to the user's wireless usage patterns.

Wake on demand

Zyxel products reduce power consumption by constantly remaining in power-saving mode until network activities resume.

IP68 standard compliance

Zyxel high-end outdoor routers are compliant with IP68. This feature protects products operating in extreme environments and prolongs product lifespan.

Built-in SFP/SFP+ cage

Zyxel products feature a built-in SFP/SFP+ cage to support multiple network architectures to prolong product lifespans during technology migrations.

Cloud-based CAD tool

Zyxel has adopted a computer-aided design (CAD) tool to minimize plastic usage in product housings.

* This feature is available upon customer request.

Green production

Green production

Zyxel outsources our product production to MitraStar, a subsidiary of Unizyx Group, to ensure the product production process complies with international standards and Zyxel's requirements. In 2021, MitraStar completed greenhouse gas emissions accounting and verification and received certification with ISO14064-1. Together with MitraStar, we adopt technology-enabled approaches to optimize our manufacturing efficiency.

Green packaging

Green packaging

Following Directives 94/62/EC and REACH, Zyxel implements purposeful and actionable green packaging approaches to ensure environmental protection is accounted for during package design and production, including the following:

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    Ensure material recyclability and biodegradability
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    Eliminate plastic packaging
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    Use FSC-certified materials
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    Prohibit toxic or hazardous substances
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    Adopt post consumer recycled pulp while reducing paper printouts
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    Optimize product-to-package ratio while minimizing packaging volumes and weights

Packaging recyclability and biodegradability

Our single-recyclable brown box packaging avoids plastic laminating or coating, uses FSC-certified materials, and is printed with single-color, halogen-free soy inks in limited areas. Zyxel has adopted sustainable brown box packaging for 95 percent of its generic products.

Packaging size optimization competition

Through efforts in product housing and packaging layout redesign, Zyxel successfully shrunk the packaging volumes up to 36.7% for the Zyxel CPE product line. This yields an up to 47.7% increase in product numbers per pallet and proportionately reduces logistics carbon footprint.

product disposal section

Responsible disposal and recycling

To ensure that all parts of Zyxel products are disposed of and recycled legally with minimal impact on the environment, we have registered directly with the National WEEE Registry or the approved collective Compliance Scheme for WEEE in a few countries to make sure that all distributors in collaboration comply with the national WEEE directives.

Zyxel has labeled its products with the appropriate WEEE logo and added extra relevant information about the WEEE regulations to its customers. The crossed-out wheeled bin symbol on Zyxel products or packaging reminds customers that the product should not be disposed of as unsorted waste. It is your responsibility to dispose of, or recycle your end-of-life equipment properly, to prevent potential negative impacts on the environment and human health. Customers should follow the disposal method of electronic waste and electrical products in their region.

WEEE-relevant information for Zyxel products can be obtained from the Product recycling library.