The German market is undergoing huge transformations these years and we at Zyxel Communications will go above and beyond to solve any problem or need internet service providers might have because of this. Need fiber? Kein problem. 5G FWA or WiFi? Kein problem. Need German support? Kein problem. 
In a heavily competitive environment – our focus is to keep internet service providers in Germany ahead of the competition. We do that by reminding them that we are here and we are always ready to help, regardless of the challenge. 
With 30 years of experience with innovation and reliability we have documented strong user cases delivering Germany’s best internet – just ask our customer We have a strong presence in all corners of Germany and an unrivalled business flexibility to the last mile so don’t hesitate to take advantage of our solutions, expertise, products and support. 
This is what our newest campaign in Germany is all about. You can find it here:
Let’s talk – wir sprechen Deutsch.