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LTE Solutions

Expanding your network horizons
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Break through the limitations

Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is redefining the boundaries of network connectivity. Thanks to significant advancements in recent years, LTE has dramatically improved data rates, offering ultra-low latency, scalable bandwidth capacity, and seamless backward compatibility. Zyxel boasts a comprehensive product portfolio for outdoor, indoor, and portable devices, empowering you to deploy networks with unparalleled flexibility. Our Gigabit-class LTE solutions open a realm of limitless applications, ensuring you stay connected wherever you go. With Zyxel, expand your service horizons and explore new possibilities.


Fixed Wireless Access

Expand services without boundary

Connection should have no boundary, and neither should your business. Now you can break the limitation of physical connections and expand your services wherever you dream of.


Connect the Unconnected

In the past, network service deployments were restricted by distance and geographical conditions. The inconsistency between DSL and analog cable coverages resulted in white spots on the map without internet connectivity. Break free from these limitations with Zyxel's extensive 4G LTE product lines. Our full FWA solutions enable you to expand services to previously underserved areas, eliminating the need for physical connections like landlines, cable, or fiber. Let us guide you beyond the confines of fixed-line broadband.


Wireless fiber speed

Wireless fiber speed is available for you right now. While you may have heard of Gigabit LTE as a technology of the future, that future is already here and in high demand. This presents a promising opportunity to enable high-bandwidth applications that can significantly impact people's lives. Explore this great opportunity with Zyxel!

Advanced CA:

Aggregating more carriers, diverse spectrum types and different cells.

Higher-order MIMO:

4×4 MIMO is the current state-of-the-art approach to improve legacy LTE networks.

Higher QAM:

Increasing uplink and downlink spectral efficiency with 256-QAM and beyond.


Make network setup and management easy

Our 4G LTE devices come with a multi-ways installation kit and an intuitive app – Zyxel Air. Customers can install the devices on various surfaces and complete the setup with a few taps. The easy setup minimizes service calls during installation, enhancing the overall user experience.

With the intuitive user interface of the Zyxel Air app, customers and technicians can freely monitor, configure, and manage networks enabled by Zyxel FWA devices.

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Going on vacation doesn't mean going offline

Holidays are everyone's favorite time, and we spend hours planning them. At Zyxel, we do our best to let you enjoy your time with friends and family to the fullest, creating happy memories wherever you go.


Set it as you get it

To make your vacation time with friends and family even more enjoyable, create your own network with your own rules that suits all your needs. You would be surprised at how easy and fun it is. Don't worry, get online!


In all weathers - stay online

Whether you're planning to have a white Christmas or a hot summer vacation in your country house, Zyxel's outdoor solutions work for you all the time, allowing you and your loved ones to stay online while having a great time together.


Everyone connected, any purpose

We all like to share the best we have with our loved ones, and a robust, stable Internet connection is no exception. Online access makes your stay in the country house even more fun than you can imagine. Want to build a treehouse? – Easy, just Google it!




Stay connected as you explore the world

It's a beautiful, even fascinating world around us, so be sure to travel and share your experiences with fast, secure Internet. Explore the world, go with friends, and enjoy adventures together.


Don't be chained to a Socket

Travels are full of surprises and challenges; an adventure could sometimes take you away from civilizations for a while. To make your journey more enjoyable, our 4G LTE portable MIFI provides as long as 8+ hours of battery time.


Stay connected with the nearest and dearest

During the trips, staying in touch with friends and family is crucial. Even in areas where smartphones lose signals, our portable solutions get you online thanks to the powerful built-in antennas.


Just put it in the pocket!

When you're packing for a new adventure, device size and weight matter. For trips with friends or family, Zyxel's pocket-size devices support simultaneous multi-user connections, so you need only one to serve all.