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For ZyXEL it is central that our products are designed to many years of problemfree usage.
A part of this is a strong service portifolio.

Products and warranties | Services

Products and warranties

If the product is not listed on this page, the standard warranty terms and conditions for Europe apply.
These are normally 2 years from date of customer purchase.

Please find Products with Limited Lifetime Warranty that are now End of Life here: EOL List

The warranties are subject of Terms and agreements

* Lifetime = 11 years inc power supply and fans



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Service Description

Dead on Arrival (DOA)

ZyXEL will treat all defects covered by our warranty policy as DOA. within 30 days after purchasing the product from an official dealer.

When customer chooses to contact ZyXEL RMA department, ZyXEL will process the claim under the standard warranty conditions. DOA must be claimed at the reseller/distributor where the product was purchased. The customer is responsible for returning the unit to the reseller/distributor. All DOA claims must be returned with all accessories and packing for the claim to be valid. DOA claims sent directly to ZyXEL will be treated as regular RMA. A product is considered DOA if the product is not working correctly e.g. doesn’t power up or is non-functional. A DOA claim can NOT be made on product features. ZyXEL test all products received as DOA and reserves the right to charge a technician fee if the product is found to be without fault.

Basic Swap Service

ZyXEL provides swap service for all Business products covered by 5 years or Lifetime warranty. Valid the first 2 years, the continued warranty for the rest of the period will be handled as standard RMA. To see whether your product is covered please view the list of Business products above.
Read more about Basic Swap Service here

Email support

Support via email is offered through the entire warranty period.

Telephone support during the entire warranty period

ZyXEL provides free phone support to our partners for the entire portfolio of business products.

Free support

ZyXEL offers free support to all users according to features described in theQuick Start Guide (QSG). Support for features outside the QSG is offered on a fee basis.

What is covered by Quick Start Guide (QSG) support:

Connecting the hardware
ZyXEL Support helps with connecting the hardware to the customers Internet connection and computer.

Accessing the Web Configurator
ZyXEL Support helps with accessing the Web Configurator in the ZyXEL device. This includes setting IP address on a wired computer to either fixed or dynamic IP address depending on product. All configuration of the ZyXEL device is done in a Web Configurator interface, which is an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI).

Configuring the ZyXEL device with the Wizard setup
The Web Configurator interface is divided into two setup procedures, the Wizard setup and the Advanced setup. ZyXEL Support helps with configuring the ZyXEL device through the wizard setup, where all standard configuration of Internet access, Local Area Network (LAN) access, Wireless Local Area Network* (WLAN) access and Voice over IP* (VoIP) access is configured.
ZyXEL Support helps customer through the Wizard setup. After completing the Wizard setup the ZyXEL device will have correct configuration of all primary features in the device.

Configuring wireless setup on PC
ZyXEL Support helps with connecting one computer to the ZyXEL device according to the setup configured with the Wizard setup.

What isNOTcovered by Quick Start Guide support:

Advanced configuration in the Web Configurator
ZyXEL Support does not help with advanced configuration in the advanced part of the Web Configurator interface. For all advanced configuration customer is directed to the User Guide and/or guides available on ZyXEL Website.

Advanced configuration of ZyXEL device
ZyXEL Support does not help with advanced configuration of the ZyXEL device. Advanced configuration covers fx.:
Port forwarding, Firewall configuration, Content filter, Bandwidth management

* Note that these features may not be present in all ZyXEL Device


Översikt | ZyXEL

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