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Välkommen till ZyXELs nätverksordlista – den definitiva källan för beskrivningar av nätverkstermer och ZyXELs produktegenskaper.

Välj en bokstav eller använd sökrutan för att leta upp ett ord eller en beskrivning. 

    1-bit Constellation

    1-bit constellation allows the system to send individual bits over DMT tones that can only support one bit. This allows the connection to use as many of the tones as possible.

    10 Base-T

    Twisted-pair cable with maximum segment lengths of 100 meters.

    10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE)

    10GbE (IEEE 802.3x) (also called 10GBase-X) is an overall term to cover Ethernet networking technologies that allow data transfer speeds of 10 Gigabit per second.

    100 Base-T

    The 100-Mbps baseband Ethernet specification uses two pairs of twisted-pair wire with a maximum distance of 100 meters between the hub and the workstation.


    1000Base-X (IEEE 802.3z) refers to networking technology supporting Gigabit Ethernet over fiber-optic cable. It covers 1000Base-SX and 1000Base-LX standards. 1000Base-SX has a range of 220m. The range for 1000Base-LX is specified as 2 km in the standard but may be up to 20 km depending on manufacturer.


    1080i is a high definition video mode. 1080 is the number of lines of vertical resolution. The “i” stands for interlaced scan.


    1080p is a high definition video mode. 1080 is the number of lines of vertical resolution. The “p” stands for progressive scan.

    10Base-S Mode

    This is a VDSL mode. Each mode operates in a specific frequency band allocation with associated upstream and downstream speeds.


    This is the IEEE 802.3ak specification for 10GbE data transfer over CX4 copper cable with a range of 15 m.

    11B/G Protection

    This helps prevent collisions in mixed-mode wireless networks (networks with both IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g traffic). The wireless clients send an RTS (Request to Send) message to the AP and wait for the AP's CTS (Clear to Send) response before transmitting data.

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