ZyXEL Boosts In-home Wi-Fi Experience with New Home Coverage Solution

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New 802.11ac wireless router and range extender to cover the entire house with gigabit Wi-Fi

ZyXEL has introduced a new home coverage solution which features the 802.11ac MU-MIMO Wi-Fi router and range extender to maximize Wi-Fi coverage throughout the house and simplify connectivity for better in-home Wi-Fi experience. With more people owning multiple smart gadgets, some have taken to calling Wi-Fi the fourth utility - just as important as gas, electricity and water for modern life. ZyXEL has introduced a solution to cover your entire home with speedy gigabit Wi-Fi, powered by the new AC2200 MU-MIMO Dual-band Wireless Gigabit Router (NBG6815) and complemented by the 802.11ac MU-MIMO Dual-band Wireless Gigabit Access Point / Range Extender (Armor X1).

Both the NBG6815 and the Armor X1 are capable of delivering gigabit 802.11ac Wi-Fi speed with 4x4 streams to optimize bandwidth usage for 4k video streaming and gaming. Connecting to higher bandwidth is like being on a multi-lane freeway instead of a congested side road, so more people can connect at the same time without slowing down. The all-white minimalist look with embedded antenna easily blends in with modern décor. Since it won’t be hidden somewhere in the back or beneath, users can expect better Wi-Fi signal with fewer household obstructions coming into play.

Home network settings can be automatically configured with the ZyXEL ONE ConnectTM app. Guest Wi-Fi can be managed with one-click to instantly offer your guests temporary Wi-Fi access. Users don’t even have to bother to turn their laptops to manage settings anymore.

The ZyXEL One Connect TM, the NBG6815, and the Armor X1 are the new essentials for smart homes in the digital age and have been awarded the 23rd and the 24th Taiwan Excellence Awards by the Government of Taiwan.