The first Powerline 1800 Mbps adapter for ultrafast home network

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PLA5456 allows 4K video streaming and features two Gigabit Ethernet ports for network-intensive applications

PLA5456 is a powerful model of a Powerline Ethernet adapter with the latest HomePlug AV2 technology to deliver a data transfer speed of 1800 Mbps. Once connected to a power outlet, the adapter makes it possible, among other things, to stream 4K video content smoothly and reliably throughout the home. You can also connect a game console to the adapter to enjoy a lag-free online gaming experience. Its pass-through design allows you to use the same power outlet without sacrificing it. 

All you have to do is connect one adapter to your Internet sharing router or gateway, and another to the devices that need Internet connection. Empowered by the latest HomePlug AV2 and MIMO technologies, the PLA5456 adapter delivers the same networking performance as direct connection to a router. The adapter significantly improves coverage through one or even two floors for Internet applications like radio, large-screen TV and Netflix 4K streaming simultaneously requested by two Gigabit Ethernet connections. 

The adapter is very easy to connect and use. Just plug it in to have an instant Internet connection anywhere in your home without having to run physical wires. Push the sync button on the adapter to turn your existing power outlets into an instant, 128-bit encrypted network. You will be surprised how wonderfully it works! 

The ZyXEL PLA5456 adapter has a pass-through design, so you do not lose your existing power outlet and can keep your electrical devices powered. For even better network performance, the adapter has a filter that eliminates interference from connected electronics. If you use a ZyXEL ONE Connect compatible router, you can detect your home network devices through the ONE Connect app installed on your mobile device.