ZyXEL UAG50 gateway – an all-in-one Wi-Fi solution for hospitality customers

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A new access gateway that combines a Wi-Fi hotspot, a thermal ticket printer and network management tools

Providing Wi-Fi Internet access has become a necessity for restaurants, cafés or bars. However, the service can be troublesome for venue owners. Most importantly, they need to protect their network from unauthorised access and prevent bandwidth abuse by inconsiderate users. 

The new ZyXEL UAG50 access gateway resolves all the difficulties of providing Wi-Fi connectivity to customers. ZyXEL UAG50 is an all-in-one hotspot that provides Wi-Fi coverage, manages client access rights and protects the network from abuse.  

Pressing a single button on the access gateway, which can be placed for example behind the bar, is all the operator has to do to generate a user account and print out a ticket with network login details. Based on configuration, the gateway can generate various account types (e.g. time-limited ones) including paid access user accounts (with online billing). 

The ZyXEL UAG50 gateway supports up to 50 concurrent users, giving equal bandwidth to each user for them to enjoy high-quality Wi-Fi Internet access. With no additional antennas or other network devices needed, the ZyXEL UAG50 gateway covers standard-size restaurants, cafés or bars with 2.4 GHz (802.11b/g/n) Wi-Fi signal, delivering data throughput of over 80 Mb/s. 

‘We are now used to Wi-Fi being available virtually everywhere without having to look after the technology in the background. The ZyXEL UAG50 access gateway saves hospitality owners the trouble of having to take care of the technology that provides Wi-Fi to their customers. In addition, they can very easily manage free as well as fee-based Internet usage by their customers,’ comments Martin Bratičák, Head of Channel CEE, ZyXEL.