Europe’s first broadband satisfaction league revealed

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ZyXEL research found that ISPs are missing a significant opportunity to grow their business

Pan-European research commissioned by ZyXEL revealed a mixed sentiment towards home connectivity across Europe and shed light on key concerns that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should focus on to mitigate churn. In the face of fierce competition and rising customer expectations, ISPs need to consider how satisfied their subscribers are, something that manifests itself in more than just the delivery of fast broadband speeds.

Customer satisfaction in The Czech Republic outshone all other European regions, both in terms of the service provided by ISPs and their broadband speeds. This can be compared to Sweden where 16% admitted to having regular problems with their Wi-Fi and worryingly, only 5% of consumers felt their service provider offers advice on how to implement advanced features on their home network. With the number of tech-savvy users increasing at an incredible rate and flexible working practices becoming more widespread, it is essential that ISPs deliver a premium home broadband service to meet the needs of the digitally fluent consumer.

To find out how satisfied consumers are with the service provided by their ISPs, ZyXEL commissioned research across five European countries to determine user satisfaction. The research was based on a selection of variables, ranging from broadband speed and reliability to more general indicators such as the quality of service provided by ISPs in response to poor connectivity. Various benchmarks were produced for the regions and each one was given a value in order to determine a ‘score’. These scores were then collated into a league table of broadband satisfaction across Europe. The table not only illustrates the regions that are the happiest with the service provided by their ISP, but also highlights the areas where ISPs need to focus their attention. 

Lee Marsden, EU President, ZyXEL commented: “High praise for broadband speed no longer mirrors high customer satisfaction and this is where there remains a significant opportunity for internet service providers. By providing the right equipment and advice and by proactively anticipating key concerns, ISPs will be able to keep pace with evolving consumer expectations and ensure both customer retention and steady business growth. It is no longer enough to provide a fast internet connection; ISPs now need to elevate their offering to provide the personal and value-added service that will set them apart from the competition.”