ZyXEL improves wireless connectivity for hospitality and education markets

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New Access Point ensures expansive connectivity for small businesses

ZyXEL Communications has introduced its latest multi-mode standalone access point, the NWA1100-NH, improving on the popular NWA1100-N model. Offering flexibility for SMBs and the ability to further reduce signal dead spots, the NWA1100-NH improves Wi-Fi coverage by more than 30% compared to its predecessor.

With consumers expecting fast and reliable Wi-Fi connections at venues such as convention centres, restaurants and cafes, the introduction of the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard allows venues of all sizes to take advantage of high-speed connectivity and offer guests an enhanced Wi-Fi experience. As well as enabling secure access to various Wi-Fi hotspots for a multiple of devices, ZyXEL’s latest AP also ensures strong signal penetration through walls, floors and ceilings and extended connectivity across more rooms. For hospitality brands looking to expand their business, the NWA1100-NH creates a reliable wireless network that opens up new revenue streams without compromising on performance.

The NWA1100-NH’s capability to expand connectivity is also ideal within a medical environment, as it allows practitioners to take advantage of timely monitoring and a patient-orientated workflow. The NWA1100-NH is compliant with EN60601, the general standard for medical equipment, confirming no risk of signal interference between devices – a particularly significant feature for critical care areas. 

Along with offering four times the performance of its predecessor and flexible WLAN deployment, the NWA1100-NH’s higher output power and optimised 5DdBi antenna boost both data transmission and reception in weaker areas. Security is enhanced by offering a solution certified with a wide range of Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) types. The new AP also ensures that unauthorised users cannot connect to the network.

Jon Pearce, Head of NSBU & GSBU Market Development Europe, commented: ‘Providing high-speed connectivity is becoming increasingly important for businesses and venues of all kinds. One of the first things a lot of mobile device users do when they go to a conference, sit in a coffee shop or are waiting in a hospital is try to connect to Wi-Fi. Therefore, high-speed, secure, easy-to-access guest Wi-Fi, underpinned by a reliable network of access points and gateways, can have a major impact on the experience of visitors and customers.”