ZyXEL PLA5405, 1200 Mbps Powerline Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

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The Gigabit Powerline technology expands and enhances your home network.

The ZyXEL PLA5405 Powerline Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, which is based on the latest HomePlug AV2 standard, features data transfer rates of up to 1200 Mbps. This powerline adapter plugs into an existing power outlet and instantly enables high-speed network access through electrical lines in the home. The device offers a perfect solution for streaming HD movies, playing online games and using other network-intensive applications – all without the hassle of installing cables throughout the residence. Whereas non-MIMO based HomePlug AV technology only uses a single line, the PLA5405 adapter with the latest HomePlug AV2 MIMO technology utilizes multiple lines from your home’s existing electrical wiring. This enables the PLA5405 to perform at up to twice the speed of existing 600 Mbps powerline products.

Thanks to the advanced HomePlug AV2 technology, the ZyXEL PLA5405 provides users with high and steady data transfer rates of up to 1200 Mbps and is also backward compatible with HomePlug AV and IEEE 1901-based products. The new MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) feature, included in the HomePlug AV2 technology, increases throughput and coverage. The PLA5405 extends connectivity range in the home by up to 80% by using all three electrical wires – line, neutral and ground. The device can connect your entire home entertainment network, making it the perfect choice for users who wish to watch HDTV and enjoy multimedia streaming in every room. 

The adapter provides speeds of up to 1200 Mbps, accelerating network applications like HDTV, HD multimedia streaming and online gaming. This enables users to transmit multiple HD streams and even 3D movies to every room easily, quickly and smoothly. The ZyXEL PLA5405 creates a network by utilizing your home’s existing electrical wiring, easily extending Internet access throughout your home via a simple connection to a power outlet. There is no need to drill through walls or lay new network cables. No configuration is required either. Simply connect your computer to a PLA5405 and plug the adapter into a power outlet to create a super-fast, secure and reliable home network. 

Easy setup of home network security
Data transmission through the ZyXEL PLA5405 is protected by 128-bit Advanced Encryption Security (AES), providing a secure connection to the Internet. The encryption mechanism can be configured with a simple press of a button – no complicated setup or additional software is required.

QoS enhances high-quality media streaming
The advanced Quality of Service (QoS) function improves high-quality multimedia streaming applications such as triple-play services by prioritizing processes like HD video streaming, high-speed Internet access and VoIP.

Remote management through TR-069
By supporting the TR-069 standard, the ZyXEL PLA5405 can enable service providers to remotely manage and configure the devices without any user intervention. Moreover, it can offer a 'plug-and-play' deployment that simplifies installation while reducing operational and maintenance costs for service providers.