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Bine ai venit în sala de conferință ZyXEL. În această secțiune poți afla noutăți despre ultimele evenimente, produse sau anunțuri emise de către ZyXEL și subsidiarele sale internaționale.

ZyXEL builds on rapid growth in WLAN controller sales with free upgrade to best-selling NXC2500

Upgrade to best-selling wireless controller now supports up to 64 access points and adds enterprise-level features – gives partners even more potential to add value and drive WLAN sales


ZyXEL Communications, a leading supplier of networking and communications solutions, is looking to build on the rapid acceleration of its wireless controller sales over the last six months, launching an enhanced firmware version for its popular NXC2500. 

The number of access points supported by the device has increased from 24 to 64 and the device now comes with an extensive set of new features such as meshing, self-healing, client steering and Enhanced Dynamic Channel Selection, features that enhance performance, optimise coverage and reduce servicing and management costs. The fully-integrated ZyMesh feature optimises throughput and enables the extension of the WiFi installation while adding reliability and stability to the design. The self-healing capability adjusts the WLAN configuration automatically if any access point fails or goes off-line by dynamically providing coverage from surrounding APs. 

The upgrade will help ZyXEL build on the recent phenomenal growth in sales of ZyXEL’s dedicated wireless controller. Sales have accelerated as more customers look to extend their WLANs and improve manageability. By offering excellent performance, a powerful set of features and proven return-on-investment, the NXC2500 is an even more attractive option for organisations looking to extend wireless coverage and optimise performance for users.

With its added capabilities – and ZyXEL’s Wireless LAN Optimizer planning tool available to help partners map WLAN configurations for customers, there is more potential than ever for ZyXEL partners to deliver more value for customers and drive their wireless networking equipment sales and services, says Jon Pearce, Head of Market Development Europe at ZyXEL. 

“Sales of the NXC 2500 have risen steeply since the product was launched in spring last year. Customers are starting to expand their networks and number of access points they deploy and consistent WiFi connectivity is more important than ever. That’s fuelled demand for dedicated controllers and the NXC2500 has been an extremely popular choice. Our partners have been doing a tremendous job in taking the NXC2500 to market and with improved functionality we can only see a further acceleration in sales.”

ZyXEL has seen particularly strong uptake of the controller in the hospitality and leisure, education, professional services and retail sectors, fuelled by the latest trends of BYOD and IoT, which in turn has driven the demand on connected devices and access point deployment upwards significantly. Over the last six months, the company’s sales of WAN controllers in Europe have mushroomed, growing by in excess of 130% year-on-year. Sales of access points have also been growing fast and ZyXEL is now increasingly recognised as a specialist wireless networking vendor.

Resellers can add significant value with the NXC2500, says Pearce. “With the extended support and management capabilities, the NXC2500 is a match for any other dedicated controller on the market today. The extended support for up to 64 APs means it’s a viable solution for mid-sized organisations as well as SMBs and the advanced self-healing, client steering and meshing functionality makes the NXC2500 a true enterprise-class solution that enables ZyXEL partners to compete with any other wireless vendor in the market for every piece of available business.”

“Additionally, with the planning tool they can optimise the placement and configuration of every single access point and ensure that customer gets the very best performance and value from their wireless LAN. It is a great way to differentiate from the competition – and it’s entirely free for ZyXEL partners and resellers who register on the ZyXEL websites.”

Like all ZyXEL wireless products and switches, the NXC2500 comes with a lifetime warranty, so return-on-investment is guaranteed. The free WiFi Optimizer tool can be used to identify the ideal location ZyXEL access points that are being managed by the NXC2500. It auto-senses the controller and access points and collects information, which resellers can then use to optimise the positioning and configuration of access points. Once installed, the Optimizer can be linked to the NXC2500 to collect statistical information from the managed APs.