ZyXEL predicts steep rise in number of ISPs offering VDSL2 vectoring services in 2014

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Accelerated roll-out of fibre services will bring more service providers into the market as awareness of high-performance potential rises amongst end-user customers

ZyXEL Communications, one of the leading providers of CPE equipment to the broadband industry, is predicting a steep rise in the number of VDSL2 vectoring services being offered across Europe in 2014. Its forecast is based on the heightened level of interest shown by ISPs in its latest integrated access devices during the final weeks of 2013.

James Harris, European Market Development Manager, Service Provider Solutions at ZyXEL, says that a number of pilot tests now being undertaken and this will lead to many new services being launched over the next few months. 

“With the roll-out of fibre networks now gathering pace in many countries across Europe, service providers are starting to look at how the can get ahead of the competition. During the last few weeks of 2013, we were approached by an increasing number of ISPs who were interested in our VDSL2 vectoring solutions. Some are already in an advanced stage with their evaluations and we’d expect to see more services being launched over the next six months. By the end of 2014, we’d be surprised if vectoring services were not available in most major countries.” 

VDSL2 vectoring enables service providers to offer download speeds of up to 100Mbps to customers, to extend the availability of higher-speed services to more customers, and to offer a more consistent range of broadband speeds across FTTC and FTTN connections. “VDSL2 vectoring gives an ISP real versatility and extends their reach, both in physical terms and in terms of the potential available customer base”, says Harris. “With the use of high-definition TV and video streaming and 3D interactive gaming on the rise everywhere, there is going to be strong demand for premium services from home users. The providers who get to market first with reliable and affordable services are going to have a real differentiator and a distinct competitive advantage.”

The potential of vectoring is starting to be more-widely understood by end-user customers as well, Harris notes. “We are seeing more magazine articles and mentions of VDSL2 vectoring in web discussions. Awareness of the potential benefits is growing amongst consumers and that will translate into curiosity and eventually, into demand for services. ISPs need to be ready to meet that demand.”

ZyXEL is already Is one of the world’s leading provider of VDSL equipment*1  and officially launched its VMG8924-B10A integrated access device (IAD), which comes with support for both VDSL2 vectoring and dual-band 802.11ac/n wireless, at Broadband World Forum Europe in October last year. The device was already being tested by a number of service providers at the time, and many more have since contacted ZyXEL to inquire about evaluation and testing units since that time.

In addition to the VMG8924-B10A, ZyXEL offers a full range of VDSL2 solutions, including the entry-level VMG1312 VDSL2 Gateway, which enables ISPs to provide a low-cost VDSL option, helping them to retain customers and offer increased levels of service and future-proofing. The VMG4325 offers extended 802.11n connectivity and support for VDSL2 bonding, allowing service providers to deliver even more options to their customers.