ZyXEL extends user capacity of controller-managed access points with free firmware upgrades

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ZyXEL Communications, a leading supplier of networking and communications solutions, has more than doubled the number of users that its popular NWA5120 series of ‘smoke-detector’ style access points and NWA3000-N desktop devices can support to approximately 50 users.  Throughput has also been improved to ensure the devices can cope with the increased levels of traffic generated that will be generated by additional users.

The enhancements mean that more users can be supported with fewer access points, making these discrete solutions even more appealing to hospitality, retail, education and business customers. The extended capability is being enabled on the access points – when they are controller-managed – by a free firmware upgrade. Unlike many networking vendors, ZyXEL provides firmware upgrades without charging customers an annual fee.  

The NWA5120 access points can be ceiling- or wall-mounted for discrete deployment in public areas such a hotel lobbies or leisure centres, or in spaces where aesthetics are important, such as retail stores and busy offices. They resemble ordinary smoke detectors and are almost invisible to visitors and users With Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) support, they can be installed almost any location very easily, making them extremely flexible and cost-effective.

The NWA3000-N is ZyXEL’s best-selling access point range and provides convenient, easy-to-deploy single or dual-band capability and reliable performance. Both ranges support both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands and multiple SSIDs, so distinct groups of users can be supported. Auto-sensing and configuration features make them very easy to install and use. Basic WiFi planning can be carried out using with ZyXEL’s WLAN Optimizer software application, which is available to all resellers as a free download.

Jon Pearce, Head of Market Development Europe at ZyXEL, says that with the support for more users and faster throughput, the NWA5120 and NWA3000-N series become even more attractive to end-user customers as they can gain the benefit of increased connectivity and throughput without additional costs.

“We have seen exceptional growth in sales of our wireless access points over the past year and with these latest enhancements, we expect the NWA5120 and NWA300-N series to become even more successful. The combination of their discrete looks, excellent feature set and flexible deployment options have made them extremely popular. These latest enhancements add to their versatility and performance and therefore their appeal to any business that wants to provide excellent wireless coverage across an extensive area whilst preserving the aesthetics of the environment and without making major investment in extending mains power cabling. ”

The fact that ZyXEL provides firmware upgrades free of charge, means that customers get even more value and investment protection, he notes. “Unlike many networking vendors, ZyXEL provides its firmware upgrades to its customers free of charge. This makes our access points – and our smart managed switches and unified security gateways – an even better investment for organisations that are looking to drive down operational costs and extract maximum value from their infrastructure budgets.”

ZyXEL is becoming a popular choice right across the network for many SMBs and mid-market companies Pearce adds. “More customers are taking advantage of the good performance, reliable operation and superb ROI that ZyXEL can deliver end-to-end across the network – from the data centre, where strong management capability and security is essential, to the edge of the network where simplicity, ease of management and flexibility is required for both wired and wireless connections. Increasingly, you find ZyXEL everywhere.”