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Bine ai venit în sala de conferință ZyXEL. În această secțiune poți afla noutăți despre ultimele evenimente, produse sau anunțuri emise de către ZyXEL și subsidiarele sale internaționale.

ZyXEL aims to drive partner wireless sales with four-for-three offer on ‘smoke-detector’ access points

Resellers given added incentive to maximise their sales of the best-selling NWA1123-NI dual-band access points – the ideal ‘invisible’ solution for hotels, clubs, leisure centres, heath centres and schools


ZyXEL Communications, leading supplier of networking and communications solutions, is encouraging resellers to drive sales of its popular NWA1123-NI series of ‘smoke-detector’ access points with a ‘buy-three-get-one-free’ offer.

The NWA1123-NI’s discreet design makes it ideal for deployment in places were aesthetics are important, such as public areas in hotels and leisure centres, government offices, health centres and schools, and in retail and office settings too. It supports 802.11n communications at both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless frequencies, making the NWA1123-NI a perfect solution to address the boom of 5Ghz WiFi commonly found in the world’s leading tablet and smart phone manufacturers devices. With a strong feature set and the ability to support multiple VLANs, it can be used to provide segmented connectivity for different groups of users.

With the provision of high-speed wireless access to the Internet now becoming essential just about everywhere, there are more opportunities to sell multiple access points to customers, says Jon Pearce, Head of Market Development Europe at ZyXEL.

“There is an expectation that good Wi-Fi access will be available at all times now – but providing that in a convenient and cost-effective way is not always easy. Almost invisible to all but the most careful observer, the NWA1123-NI is very well-suited to many different scenarios. It has proved to be an extremely popular choice and one of our best sellers this year. Guests, visitors, and pupils won’t notice them and as they are designed to be ceiling-mounted, they can be located to optimise signal strength throughout the whole deployment zone. This makes them ideal for use where consistent coverage is required over quite a large area, such as a hotel site, college campus or a large retail store or shopping mall. The support for dual-radio frequencies means that distinct wireless networks can to be provided for different groups of users, such as staff, guests, students, patients or customers.”

Pearce adds: “All of these features make it easier for resellers to sell several NWA1123-NI units to customers that need good coverage everywhere. Demand for faster, dual-band 5GHz WiFi is the growing faster than any other sector of the wireless market and with this offer, resellers can offer dual-band at close to single-band pricing. With the three-for-four offer, we are making it even more attractive for our partners to do that – and deliver more value for customers and boost their margins at the same time.”