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Bine ai venit în sala de conferință ZyXEL. În această secțiune poți afla noutăți despre ultimele evenimente, produse sau anunțuri emise de către ZyXEL și subsidiarele sale internaționale.

ZyXEL survey reveals partner enthusiasm for wireless managed services potential

More than four out of five resellers would welcome the opportunity to offer site surveys on wireless solutions as managed services, according to the results of a partner survey carried out by ZyXEL Communications, a leading supplier of networking and communications solutions.


In the survey, conducted by the company amongst more than 500 partners across Europe in March, 81.6 percent of the respondents said that it would be relevant to their business if ZyXEL was to offer wireless site surveys as a managed service. A total of 47.5 percent also said that installation services would be relevant to their business. 

The results indicate that resellers are aware of the added-value potential that is starting to emerge around wireless networks, said Martin Bratičák, Head of Channel CEE at ZyXEL . “The market for wireless solutions continues to grow and with it, so does the potential for resellers to add value by offering services. As customers deploy more access points and controllers, and start to use advanced features to prioritise traffic and tighten security, setting up the wireless network to achieve optimum performance becomes more important. Not all resellers have the specialist knowledge required to do that and these results confirm that there is real potential for us to help partners add more value and extend their revenue potential with services.” 

ZyXEL already offers wireless site surveys to its accredited partners and is now looking at making them more widely available. As a first step, the company will be introducing a free site survey tool that will help resellers to identify the best positions to locate access points on customer sites. 

The company has been extending its wireless portfolio to meet the changing requirements of the market. It recently launched the NXC2500 – a dedicated wireless controller that supports up to eight access points and can be upgraded to support 24 devices, giving customers a seamless growth path and good investment protection. The company has also introduced trio of ceiling-mountable ‘smoke-detector’ access points, designed to be used with the NXC2500 in any location where good WiFi coverage is needed and APs need to be discreetly deployed. 

Martin Bratičák said: “ZyXEL now has a complete range of wireless controllers and access points, capable of meeting the needs of the smallest business to the largest corporation. Along with our family of smart, managed and unmanaged switches, they provide all the components needed for end-to-end networking in any organisation. With a strong reputation for delivering good performance, reliable operation and excellent feature-sets, ZyXEL products are gaining ground in all areas of the market. For the channel, our Partner Programme is delivering real competitive advantage and the ability to meet customer needs, add value and do profitable business. We’ll continue to enhance both our product portfolio and our channel programme to ensure that ZyXEL partners can meet the changing needs of customers and continue to grow their sales.” 

The ZyXEL partner survey showed that training (27.9 percent), additional discounts (24.6 percent), and pre-sales support (23 percent) are the benefits resellers want most of all from ZyXEL’s Partner Programme. Asked to rate ZyXEL’s product quality, almost 72 percent rated it as ‘good’ or ‘very good’ while 89 percent of resellers rated the company’s pricing strategy highly. 

As well as access to free on-site surveys, ZyXEL’s Partner Programme offers resellers dedicated pre-sales support, online and classroom-based training, additional discounts, bid support and more.