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Bine ai venit în sala de conferință ZyXEL. În această secțiune poți afla noutăți despre ultimele evenimente, produse sau anunțuri emise de către ZyXEL și subsidiarele sale internaționale.

ZyXEL is the first in the world who presents Powerline products with at up to 600Mbps

For Home Users to Experience Ultimate Multiple HD Media Streaming


ZyXEL Communications, a world-class broadband networking company providing leading Internet solutions for customers ranging from telecommunications service providers, small- and medium-sized businesses to home users, today introduces the PLA5000 Gigabit Ethernet HD Powerline Family, that includes the PLA5205 and PLA5215 Powerline Ethernet Adapters, for home users. The new Powerline Series is designed to bring ultimate media streaming experience with higher speed, wider coverage and better power efficiency. ZyXEL’s high-performance HD Powerline products help to instantaneously transform the electricity grid into an Internet-enabled network simply by plugging the products into the existing power outlets.

As digital applications and services continue to evolve today, home users are demanding Internet connectivity with higher network reliability and sustained performance; the networking efficiency is required to support not only broadband access but also diverse digital applications and entertainment services such as HD streaming, IP-enabled audio/video systems and interactive online gaming.

Designed with the pioneering HomePlug AV2 technology, the ZyXEL PLA5000 Series 600 Mbps Powerline Gigabit Ethernet Adapter makes it possible for users to enjoy simultaneous HD streaming, gaming and web browsing on different devices without latency. The HD Powerline Product Family PLA5000 Series features speedy data transfer rates of up to 600 Mbps, which is an improvement of more than 20% comparing to the 500 Mbps technology. Moreover, the advanced Quality of Service (QoS) feature prioritizes traffics such as HD video streaming, gaming, high-speed Internet access and VoIP services to ensure transmission quality for bandwidth-intensive applications.

The Powerline product brings flexibility and convenience to home users, which allow them to enjoy a high-quality multimedia streaming experience everywhere in the house. The new PLA5000 High-speed Gigabit Powerline Series can reach a more extensive coverage by doubling as a repeater for the other existing Powerline adapters on the network, with which there will be no isolated island in the house where digital content is not available. The home users can connect to the Internet and receive digital contents without the inconvenience of rewiring the house. Furthermore, the ZyXEL PLA5205 even overcomes the most common environmental interference by filtering AC outlet strips and other noisy equipment to ensure interference-free HD streaming and extend the range by up to 50% as a result.

To continue ZyXEL’s commitment to a greener environment, the new PLA5000 HD Powerline Products offer better power efficiency with a “Power-Saving Mode” that saves up to 80% on power consumption comparing to adapters without this function. Additionally, the Advanced Encryption Security (AES) feature is also embedded to provide users with secure Internet connection – it’s as simple as a pressing on a button without perplexing configuration efforts.