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Zyxel unveils Cloud Query service for ATP firewalls to catch malware before it can spread

Comprehensive cloud-based threat intellegence and signature database to feature in new ATP800 security gateway


Hsinchu Taiwan, 21 January 2019—With research revealing more than 850 million new varieties of malware in 2018, the increased sophistication and rapid spread of these threats demands looking beyond traditional security solutions. Today, Zyxel announced a new Cloud Query feature for its ATP firewalls—a cloud-based malware scanning service offering an unprecedented level of threat intelligence from an ever-expanding cloud database to counter malware in the wild.

Timely malware detection using a cloud database

Zyxel’s Cloud Query service is based on a multi-source, continuously growing cloud database that already covers billions of malware samples. In addition to constant updates from trusted third-party sources, the Cloud Query database is enriched with a steady stream of updates for threats identified by every other Zyxel ATP firewall worldwide. A specialized, AI-driven algorithm classifies and calculates the severity level of each threat, helping businesses identify the most active threats and take appropriate countermeasures.

“The effectiveness of malware scanning used to be severely limited by hardware capacity, for example, the number of threats that can be stored in a firewall database is often quite limited,” said Dean Shih, senior AVP of Zyxel’s Gateway SBU. “Using a cloud database allows for far wider and deeper insight across the entire online threat landscape, and it also shortens the response time down to seconds without compromising the firewall’s performance.”

Cloud Query can be configured to check incoming files of specific types, such as those that most commonly contain dangerous malware, like PDFs and compressed files. In such cases, the file is referred to the cloud and compared against the Cloud threat intellegence to ensure it doesn’t share unique characteristics with identified malware.

Introducing ATP800 - the premium firewall for medium-sized businesses

Zyxel also announced today the ATP800 security gateway, which will be the first product to feature Cloud Query.

The ATP firewall line gives SMBs a cost-effective way to protect their networks and their data — even from zero-day attacks that fly under the radar of conventional security solutions. An evolution of the ATP200 and ATP500 versions released last year, the ATP800 steps up the performance and power to meet the diverse security needs of medium-sized businesses.

Zyxel’s ATP line combines conventional security measures with cutting-edge protection including cloud-based malware scanning

Along with Cloud Query, sandboxing puts another arrow in the ATP800’s quiver, executing unknown and potentially dangerous data packets in a controlled, confined environment to determine whether they’re safe.

The gateway is also fortified with additional layers of protection, such as content and botnet filters, app and email security, intrusion detection and prevention, geo-blocking, managed AP service, and SecuReporter, a cloud-based security monitoring and analysis solution with data-driven insights on traffic and threats that empowers users to take timely action to keep their network safe.

The ATP800 is tailored for medium-sized businesses, boasting throughput of up to 8,000 Mbps for a recommended 200–500 users. Like the ATP200 and ATP500, it comes with a one-year gold subscription out of the box, giving users time to get to know Cloud Query and its other features. Cloud Query will  be available for the existing ATP200 and ATP500 users in January 2019. For more information, visit:

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