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Bine ai venit în sala de conferință ZyXEL. În această secțiune poți afla noutăți despre ultimele evenimente, produse sau anunțuri emise de către ZyXEL și subsidiarele sale internaționale.

High-Speed Wireless Gateway from ZyXEL

The VMG1312-B Series provides stable and reliable wireless connections for high-speed data and multimedia transmission.


ZyXEL Communications, a leading supplier of networking and communications solutions, presents the VDSL2 high-speed Internet access with the new VMG1312-B Series. This product range supports VDSL2 (up to the 17a profile) with data rates of up to 100 Mbps (downstream) and 45 Mbps (upstream). Ideal for widespread deployment of triple-play services (voice, video, data, HDTV and interactive gaming), the VDSL2 technology also allows operators to gradually, flexibly and cost-efficiently upgrade the existing xDSL infrastructure. 

Thanks to the built-in 802.11n technology, the VMG1312-B gateway provides an ideal solution in terms of both speed and coverage. With data rates of up to 300 Mbps it provides stable and reliable wireless connections for high-speed data and multimedia transmission. It eliminates dead zones and extends effective coverage by using the latest IEEE 802.11n technology (backward compatible with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n). 

The TR-069 standard allows providers to manage and configure client devices remotely without the need for manual intervention from technicians on the end user's premises. This makes the installation of the device truly 'plug-and-play' – it is very simple and, at the same time, reduces possible technical complexities of deployment while saving time needed for setting up and maintaining the device.

Featuring an USB interface to connect a 3G dongle, the VMG1312-B offers home users flexibility of connection (3G WAN or xDSL), allowing all devices in the network to connect without any further configuration required. 

  • VMG1312-B Series
  • VDSL2 high-speed Internet access
  • 802.11n wireless access
  • TR-069 remote management support
  • 3G backup support


About ZyXEL Communications Corp. 

Founded in 1989, ZyXEL Communications Corp. is a world-class networking company providing innovative and reliable Internet solutions. As one of the early modem manufacturers, ZyXEL has gone through transformations in the fast-paced networking industry. Today, ZyXEL is one of the few companies in the world capable of offering complete networking solutions for Telco’s, small to medium-sized businesses, and digital home users for a wide range of deployment scenarios. Telco solutions include central office equipment, customer premises equipment, wired and wireless access network devices, and carrier switches. SMB and enterprise solutions include unified security gateways, LAN switches, and WLAN. Digital home solutions include network connectivity devices and multimedia solutions.