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Nebula License Reform Notification

☰ Table of Contents

☰ Table of Contents

Nebula License Reform Notification

Starting from April 11, 2021, all Nebula customers will be updated to our new per-device licensing model as our co-termination licensing model will sadly come to an end.

Why the change?

Simplification is by far the main driver in the change, after receiving a lot of feedback from partners and clients. We have decided to evolve the licensing to become much simpler to understand and manage. The change to per-device licensing allows IT teams to maintain various expiration dates across devices, sites or organizations. Each Organisation can have a single shared expiration, which will be manageable through our new Circle licence management platform for channel partners (supporting Nebula later this year).

Additionally, Nebula Control Center (NCC) Pro Pack licenses will move to flat rate pricing across all product types, making it much simpler for purchasing, managing and renewing.

Unification is another factor for our ever evolving platform. As we begin to advance and bring in more sophisticated devices like the USG FLEX series into Nebula, we need to maintain a simple migration path between on premise (traditional deployments) and our cloud platform. These changes will ensure that we bring a consistent, unified approach to the customer experience both in platform and licensing.

Improved Packs This update will also introduce a new Plus Pack that includes a subset of the most commonly requested features for administering sites (from the current Pro Pack) at a much more affordable flat rate price (per device). We will also launch the Managed Service Provider (MSP) Pack that will facilitate cross-org management and help elevate the manageability in Nebula for MSP customers.

What are the changes?

Co-termination Licensing (Point based)

Effects Product/s What will be changed & How Takes Effect
All Existing Co-termination (Point based licensing) which includes:
  • Annual NCC Pro Pack & NCC Pro Pack Points
  • Annual NSS Security Pack & NSS Security Pack Points

All licenses will be converted automatically to new per-device based licenses taking the current expiry date of the organisation and applying it to each individual device.

If you hold a key that has not been activated after the 30th March and before the December 31st 2021 it can be exchanged for a new per-device license. Please contact your local Zyxel team for more information.

April 11, 2021

Management & Analytics License/Service

Effects Product/s What will be changed How
Nebula Base Pack (Free)
  • The device data and network activity history will be re-adjusted to 24-hour data
  • The Nebula Cloud Authentication Server Users will be re-adjusted to 50 entries
  • Introduction of cloud-saving mode: NCC will automatically deactivate the collection of the traffic stats (except for the device’s event log for troubleshooting) for users who have not logged in over 30 days.

Per-device licensing must still maintain the same Pack type across the organisation.

The organisation will be converted to the least compatible Pack, most of the time (Free) Base Pack, after 15-day grace period (when device licenses expired or when insufficient licenses due to unlicensed or lower licensed devices added) if there are not enough licenses to accommodate the same pack.

For example, all device in a Pro Pack must all have a valid Per-device Pro Pack license to maintain Pro Pack features.

Nebula Plus Pack (New)
  • A new NCC feature set/service that will sit between Base Pack (Free) and Pro Pack
Nebula Pro Pack
  • Standardisation on Pricing with single part code (SKU) across all product types which includes: Wireless Access Points, Network Switches and Security Gateways.
  • Product Feature set will remain the same/improved as more features are added.
Nebula Pro Pack
Limited Lifetime (LLL)
  • End-of-Sale from April 11, 2021
  • All devices registered with LLL will become Pro Pack but with no expiration date (keeping Lifetime status).
  • Organisation with LLL will become Pro Pack allowing you to add additional Pro Pack Per-device licensing should you need to expand with more devices.
Organisation will become Pro Pack and will allow you to add additional Pro Pack Per-device licensing. Existing LLL devices will remain Lifetime.

NEW Additional management service for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Effects Product/s What will be changed How
Nebula MSP Pack (New)
  • New license for NCC with new feature set – License is per user account rather than per-device and is to be used in conjunction with existing Packs (Base/Plus/Pro).
  • Allows for cross-ORG management features; including existing MSP Portal (from Base Pack), MSP branding (from Pro Pack) and new up-and-coming features such as Admins and teams management, Cross-organtinational synchronization and more to come.

Up to 3-month trial is available upon request or automatically.

Please contact your local Zyxel team for more information.

Security License/Service (NSG Series)

Effects Product/s What will be changed How
Nebula Security Services (NSS) Security Pack
  • No changes to services – the service will change from points based to per-device licensing.
  • NSS-SP 2/4 Year License are no longer available.

Change from Point Based to Per-device will be converted automatically to new per-device based licenses taking the current expiry date of the organisation and applying it to each individual device.

NEW Security License/Service (USG FLEX Series)

Effects Product/s What will be changed How
UTM Security Pack on Nebula (New)

Introduction of new security service for USG FLEX hardware supporting:

  • UTM
  • Analytics, Reporting & Response
  • Security Profile Synchronization

Introduction of new licensed service along with the support for USG FLEX hardware within Nebula.

With many more features to be added later in the year.

Secure WiFi on Nebula (New)

Introduction of new service for selected Wireless Access Points (AP) to support a direct tunnel from AP to a remote USG FLEX Gateway.

Supporting a simplified approach to extending your office environment to end point users in remote or WFH environments.