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Dual-Band Wireless AC/N GPON HGU with 4-port GbE LAN and RF Overlay

The Zyxel PMG5622GA is a next-generation Dual-band Wireless ONT Home Gateway Unit (HGU) with RF overlay.

PMG5622GA, Dual-Band Wireless AC/N GPON HGU with 4-port GbE LAN and RF Overlay

The Zyxel PMG5622GA is a next-generation Dual-band Wireless ONT Home Gateway Unit (HGU) with RF overlay. The PMG5622GA is fully compliant with the GPON ITU-T G.984.x standards and Wireless IEEE 802.11 ac/n to provide... ultra-high speed fiber access along with 4-ports GbE LAN for wired connectivity, 2-port FXS port for VoIP services, one USB 2.0 port, one coaxial cable output for CATV service in addition to a Wireless LAN with 2x2 11ac and 2x2 11n configurations. The ultra-thin design minimizes the housing height to 32mm with brushed finished surface. It not only makes the PMG5622GA an advanced optical terminal Home Gateway Unit, but also a delicate, elegant decoration for the interior space.

In recent years, the demand for broadband bandwidth has been growing dramatically. Since the downstream spectrum is mostly dominated by various video services with DOCSIS technology, only a small portion of bandwidth can be allocated... to High-Speed Internet (HSI) services. This makes the per-bit cost to be significantly higher in a DOCSIS/Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) network comparing to GPON networks.

Due to the fact that DOCSIS 3.1 is incompatible with existing DOCSIS 3.0, operators must replace the existing CMTS and modems, rebuild the network for US capacity and reassign license frequency once they decide to migrate to the latest... standard. The transition takes a vast amount of cost and time, not to mention service interruptions. On the contrary, the investment for a GPON infrastructure is sustainable for future bandwidth expansions as it can be reused for the next-generation 10 GPON deployments and has better upgradability than DOCSIS 3.1 as well.

Comparing to expensive HFC topologies, the GPON network topology can also significantly minimize operating and maintenance costs. It’s not just because that the passive Outside Plant (OSP) architecture doesn’t need take power... feeding into consideration, the fiber optical cable is less sensitive to the temperature variation than traditional copper coaxial cable as well–which makes investments on the infrastructure to sustain longer. Another key benefit for operators to consider GPON as an option for migration is the extra 1550 nm wavelength band support. With the band, the Zyxel PMG5622GA is capable of carrying the legacy CATV signal to enjoy uninterrupted benefits from the return of current assets.


Unlimited possibility with GPON fiber

Internet evolves rapidly as more and more services and applications keep on their pace of innovation. With continuous growth of smart homes, high-definition TV, virtual reality and augmented reality, the need for higher transmission speed is growing quickly as well. To meet the bandwidth demand, GPON is an essential technology to help service providers satisfying bandwidth demands not only for now, but also for the future. Unlike traditional copper- or coaxial-based infrastructures with one-time investment on fiber, service providers can now deploy an all IP-based, future-proof network with lower management cost.

RF overlay enables traditional CATV video services through GPON networks

The RF overlay technology enables GPON networks to carry legacy CATV signals along with Gigabit data services to guarantee continuous income from the existing investments as traditional CATV services are still a valuable asset for the local MSO.

The Zyxel PMG5622GA Dual-Band Wireless AC/N GPON HGU with 4-port GbE LAN adopts a triplexer to separate the 1550 nm wavelength that transmitted along with data signals through single fiber and turns it back into CATV signals. With the Zyxel E2E solution, operators can renew CATV services through OMCI, which enables the operators to update service profiles or renew service packages conveniently with just a click.

PMG5622GA, Dual-Band Wireless AC/N GPON HGU with 4-port GbE LAN and RF Overlay

Superior coverage with unique concurrent dual-band wireless circuit design

As the number of wireless home devices increases, wireless LAN is becoming the key of resident connectivity and the major factor for service providers to differentiate their services. Since access data rate of the WAN is no longer a bottleneck for end users with GPON technology, operators are looking for higher WiFi transmission speeds to ensure high-speed data and multimedia applications can reach every corner in homes or offices.

Leveraging the expertise from the development of Zyxel’s professional wireless AP, Zyxel’s PMG5622GA not only adopts the latest 802.11ac technology but also comes with optimized WiFi circuit design to ensure superior, stable wireless performance on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. With Front-end Module (FEM) on board, the PMG5622GA can further enhance the transmission power and receiver linearity to improve the overall wireless coverage for guaranteed seamless WiFi experience that leads to better customer satisfaction.

Lower OPEX with Zyxel OMCI & APS

The Zyxel PMG5622GA Dual-Band Wireless AC/N GPON HGU with 4-port GbE LAN comes with the Zyxel-specific OMCI parameter that works perfectly with Zyxel’s own EMS and OLT systems. With the E2E-capable parameters, Zyxel provides not only the standard parameters defined by OMCI, but also some specific parameters that help service providers to diagnose, operate and manage their fiber networks.

Together with the Zyxel E2E EMS & OLT system, the Zyxel ONT supports a unique auto-provisioning feature that helps service providers to easily provision WAN and VoIP configurations without the need to send technicians to the field for configuration setups.

Application Diagram

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