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How Do You Protect Your Home Network?


  1. Update, update, update. It can't be said enough: out-of-date firmware is one of the most common vulnerabilities that hackers and virus makers seek to exploit. Keeping on top of firmware updates is no simple task — it can be time-consuming and many vendors stop supporting products after the first year of release — but it is worth the effort, so check regularly for updates.
  2. Change the default user names and passwords that are shipped with devices. It may sound like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how often this detail is overlooked, mainly because users don’t realize how many so-called smart and stupid devices (satellite receivers) have password-protected administrator interfaces.
  3. Encrypt your data, even if it is backed up on a "secure" home network. There are many user-friendly encryptions tools on the market. If you don’t feel comfortable using an encryption tool, at the very least you can create password-protected zip archives of your data. Every little bit helps.

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