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Grow Your Business with ZyXEL Unified Security Gateway

There is no room for downtime in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. Managed service subscribers expect high-speed, competitively priced and continuous connectivity without glitches, security breaches or interruptions.

That is why managed service providers across the globe count on ZyXEL’s extensive range of high-performance next-generation unified security gateways (USG) and firewalls to deliver the complete protection, speed and reliability their subscribers expect. ZyXEL Communications has been at the forefront of carrier-grade security for more than 20 years, and fully understands the challenges faced by service providers in today’s increasingly demanding business landscape. Not only do ZyXEL’s gateway products offer a robust, reliable hardware platform that delivers exceptional speed and throughput, but it also introduces new levels of efficiency and visibility into the network. By featuring powerful, centralized policy management, registration and reporting, ZyXEL helps service providers stay ahead of the market by delivering customized services with exceptional levels of uptime.

Best-in-class security, no interruption

ZyXEL's Next-Gen Unified Security Gateway takes firewall security to the next level by combining powerful and resilient hardware with ZyXEL’s extensive range of Web-based support services. Each gateway features deep, sophisticated anti-malware technology, as well as granular social networking control to eliminate security threats and maximize productivity. A robust hardware platform ensures a low TCO and reduces the costs and loss of confidence associated with device failures and RMAs. Multi-core high-frequency CPUs provide the throughput needed to keep up with even the most bandwidth and processor-intensive multimedia applications, while triple-level, high-availability technology with multi-WAN load-balancing and failover, VPN high-availability and mobile broadband back-up, ensure uninterrupted 24/7/365 network operation.

ZyXEL designs all its products with maximum usability and minimum management burden in mind, and the company’s ZyWALL and USG devices are no different. They offer centralized device and service registration, activation and management through MyZyXEL.com, in addition to centralized reporting through ZyXEL's Vantage Report service. This high-level of visibility and manageability allows service providers to tune their device configurations and security policies to their subscribers’ specific needs for a more secure, responsive and agile service offering.

My ZyXEL.com

Adopting a cloud-based infrastructure, MyZyXEL.com 2.0™ allows subscribers to register devices and activate licensed services online for a smarter, more efficient user experience. MyZyXEL.com gives MSPs (managed service provider) complete visibly for all managed devices, licenses and expiration dates through a private service portal. This offers an unprecedented level of management simplicity, and ensures that all repeat and renewal business opportunities are automatically highlighted. MSPs and channel partners are able to stock licensed services such as anti-virus and application intelligence, and activate these on-demand through their online portal.

The Benefits of MyZyXEL.com

  • Batch registration and activation to ease management burden
  • Advanced reporting functions for service customization
  • A truly global solution with multi-language user interfaces
  • Online license activation and license transfer for simplified administration
  • Notifications of license expiration for repeat business identification

MySecurityZone – automatic, real-time protection from emerging security threats

To provide effective protection against today's evolving and ever-multiplying array of security threats, security gateways must be kept continually up-to-date. ZyXEL USG devices come with built-in zero-touch updating to minimize the management burden and costs associated with the update process while maximizing security. Each gateway utilizes cloud technology to automatically check MySecurityZone for updates and then load the latest signatures to subscriber devices, ensuring real-time protection against emerging threats.

Vantage Report – web-based centralized reporting to better understand and satisfy subscribers' needs

ZyXEL Vantage Report is a web-based centralized reporting system designed to help MSPs stay ahead of the competition by providing full visibility of subscribers’ network use. MSPs can monitor their complete network of security devices from a single, intuitive user interface with real-time syslog analysis to deliver an instant view of network and device health. Vantage Report allows MSPs to monitor network access, site-to-site VPN traffic, intrusions, attacks and application bandwidth usage, as well as anti-spam and anti-virus software status. This visibility allows MSPs to offer customized security and bandwidth management advice, as well as tailored solutions to ensure maximum subscriber expenditure and satisfaction.

Stay ahead of the competition by offering tailored service advice with ZyXEL Vantage report

  • Deliver Customized Security Policy Advice — By reviewing traffic statistics, MSPs can advise their subscribers on which users, departments or applications utilize the most bandwidth, allowing them to plan their security policy and network infrastructure around these needs.
  • Identify and address additional security service requirements — Network traffic statistics can reveal network vulnerabilities, allowing MSPs to offer additional services to address these threats.
  • Identify and satisfy additional bandwidth requirements — VPN usage statistics highlight increased traffic and potential bottlenecks, allowing MSPs to recommend additional VPN tunnels.

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