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How Does Your Business Benefit from PoE Switches?

As demands for connection from networking devices such as IP phones, IP cameras and access points increase, deployment complexity and cost rise as well. For less cable usage and investment, Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology provides both data connection and electrical power to devices through just one cable.

Why PoE Switches?

Good PoE switches offer high-speed network connection and power supply to one Power Device (PD) through one single port. This reduces the need for extra outlets and extension cables, and it saves deployment cost and labor efforts as well. Additionally, ideal PoE switches feature advanced power management functions to control power budget easily and efficiently for businesses to enjoy the all-aspect PoE solution.

Plug and play

Good PoE switches support IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at standards so users can deploy normal or high-power PDs flexibly without additional settings. ZyXEL PoE switches provide complete portfolio from 8 to 48 ports and allow connections for both 15.4-watt IEEE 802.3af devices and 30-watt IEEE 802.3at devices without power-socket restriction to provide high-speed transmissions at the same time.

Intelligent PoE technology

The intelligent PoE technology enables more efficient use of power resources to deliver better ROI for businesses. In the Consumption Mode, the PoE switch automatically detects power consumption status of each PD and supplies only the required amount of power. This intelligent power allocation function minimizes the waste of power and helps businesses to save money while enabling the PoE switch to power more PDs.

Power supply policy

Great PoE switches can monitor individual and total power consumption levels and set power supply policies that maximize service availability. Users can assign certain ports to prioritized PDs to prevent system interruption due to the exceeded power budget from all PDs. The PoE switch is capable of adjusting power levels according to the power supply policy to make sure PDs function well and to offer businesses with a reliable PoE solution.

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