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The Internet of Things — Innovations Driving a Completely Connected World


Internet of Things (IoT), a global network of devices and objects linked via the Internet, communicating with users and each other. One key factor in the growth of Internet of Things is bring-your-own-device (BYOD) technology. The ubiquity of tablets, smartphones and other portable computing devices has tested the limits of existing WLAN infrastructures.
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Optimize Wi-Fi Network Performance by an intelligent WLAN controller for your business

Wi-Fi Performance

Small- and medium-sized enterprises require robust wireless networks that are scalable, flexible, and reliable. Advanced features like auto healing and client steering enable Wi-Fi network providers to more effectively manage the efficiency of wireless device deployments.
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• ZyXEL's Intelligent WLAN Controllers Provide Non-stop and Worry-free Wi-Fi Service
• No Heartbleed Vulnerability in ZyXEL Business Solutions, and DSL CPE products
• US Internet Deploys Super Fast Internet over Active Fiber Using End-to-End ZyXEL Gear



• How does "Auto Healing" work?
• How does "Client Steering" work?



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