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What Can 802.11ac Technology Do For You?

Energizing Your Network with Power over Ethernet

The January 2014 approval of the new IEEE 802.11ac wireless standard will help to accelerate the introduction of networking devices able to deliver gigabit and near-gigabit Wi-Fi speed. The significant benefits of 802.11ac are less interference, increased bandwidth and speed.


Build a Safe, Mobile Learning Environment beyond Classrooms

Building A Switch Network for BYOD

The pervasive use of laptop computers and mobile devices in academic institutions has created a unique opportunity to dramatically improve the quality of teaching and learning. An ideal WLANs Solution for educational institution should offer adequate connectivity in key areas, more mobility and bandwidth, enhanced behavior protection, and organized visitor management.



• How to keep your routers away from hackers?
• How 802.11ac access point is superior to 802.11n equivalents in terms of throughput speeds?



• Third-Party Routers Compromised by Hackers Were Mislabeled as "ZyXEL Networking Operation System"
• ZyXEL's Unified Access Point Integrates Modern In-room Services for the Hospitality Industry
• ZyXEL Introduces Innovative LTE Remote Protocol at MWC 2014



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