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Hybrid Cloud Creates All Media Possibilities

Energizing Your Network with Power over Ethernet

The ZyXEL Hybrid Cloud offers convenience and peace of mind by combining the storage capacity and speed of the private cloud with the mobility and flexibility of the public cloud. Now, one can access media files quickly at home and on the go, while sharing them with friends, family and colleagues.


Wireless Optimizer Makes Wi-Fi Planning and Deployment a Snap

Building A Switch Network for BYOD

Setting up and managing a wireless network is seldom simple. Now, there is a simple solution to wireless network nightmares. ZyXEL Wireless Optimizer offers an efficient and affordable way to streamline the setup and maintenance of a wireless network and keep it running at peak performance.



• ZyXEL Enables Seamless Mobile Convergence at MWC 2014
• Green ZyXEL Obtains ISO50001 and ISO14006
• ZyXEL ranked the First GEPON Brand in India
• Online Experience with no Latency
• Explore Ultimate Connected Life



• How to share media files with your friend via a Home Entertainment Network?
• Why does business Wi-Fi deployment need site survey?



Are you interested in learning about the latest networking technologies and gaining in-depth knowledge? Don’t miss ZyXEL ZCNP (ZyXEL Certified Network Professional) online certification curriculum! ZyXEL is committed to not only provide the best-in-class products and support, but to also provide a leading education program.

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