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How to Ensure that the Users in the Business Get the Right Level of Connectivity?


Before deploying a wireless LAN connectivity solution in a medium sized business it is critical that a site-survey is carried out to decide the location and quantity of APs to be installed. Once the site survey is completed the business can understand the quantity, type and location of the AP’s required. To ensure ubiquitous connectivity for a medium sized business it would be reasonable to expect a site survey to show the need for over 50 APs across the central office, a number of branch offices and for future sales offices and expansion. This poses a problem for the IT manager in how do they take care of the network when it comes to the configuration, monitoring and management of this amount of devices. Once the network scales beyond a certain size it would make sense for the IT manager to migrate the IT WLAN infrastructure from a managed AP scenario to a thin AP controller based scenario. This is where all of the intelligence is held within the controller and not within the AP’s. For the IT manager this means that they can configure all AP’s on the controller and have the information pushed to all secure connected AP’s in the network.

Application Benefits

  • Minimized changes to the existing network infrastructure
  • Scalable AP management for investment protection


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