How entertainment streaming can revolutionize your home

Whilst the Internet increases its dominance over people’s lives, they no longer need to make arrangements when they want to watch a movie. When a family intends to watch something at home, they are able to do it instantly without the confines of being stuck in the living room or bedroom. In the modern home, various types of Internet contents such as music, video and games can stream to flat screens, tablets and smart mobile phones seamlessly to every user in the household. Networking devices such as media switches, Powerline adaptors, wireless routers, access points and streaming media players, as well as network-attached media servers can help you to enjoy a reliable, high performance streaming and sharing experience.

Moreover, focus has shifted from simply streaming capability to ensuring optimal streaming quality when high definition multimedia applications continue evolve — making sure that the kid's video game doesn't lag when dad is watching a program broadcasted from IPTV channel, while mom listens to music from Internet radio station in the kitchen.

Every Internet streaming stems in a high reliability and high-performance network system, whether wireless or cable supported. Technology innovations and developments on network systems continuously contributing to IP connectivity performance and quality make the usability and interoperability of IP-driven applications and devices more effective and efficient for users.

Ethernet technology is the perfect backbone for any home entertainment systems. In joint-force with Powerline technology, a household electrical wiring grid can double as an IP network, delivering versatile high quality Internet contents over Ethernet to any power socket in the home at high speeds.

For those that prefer more freedom in mobility, wireless technology provides a perfect fit. There are several technologies that can help to increase the performance and range of a streaming wireless signals, such as dual band technology.

Dual band wireless technology operates at two frequencies: 2.4 GHz, and 5 GHz. The advantage here is that the network can be configured to use the “least-crowded” frequency, reducing interference from other common wireless appliances in the home and improving streaming efficiency. Get your Ethernet enabled devices connected to the “least-crowded” frequency with powerful and high performing 5GHz-only media streaming boxes. So your game consoles, Blu-Ray players, and streaming player boxes can play Internet video contents with interference-free connection, allowing smooth and high quality video streaming.

The other part of the home streaming equation is the streaming device. There are several devices that enhance the streaming experience in the home, such as the media server, which stores a family's personal content for cross-sharing. These network-attached storage servers form the basis of a personal cloud, enabling people to stream high-definition movies, photos, music, and personal data through mobile apps on mobile devices anywhere in the world.

All these devices are designed to work seamlessly together, and can be set up quickly and easily. Doing it right the first time will provide the modern household with a seamless, high-performance and reliable media streaming experience. Get on the move, to take your home entertainment to the next level. Know more about home streaming



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