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Wouldn't it be wonderful to build a home from scratch, and fit it out with a world-class digital network? If you could build every room, hallway, ceiling and floor, you could wire them with high-quality network cabling, to deliver data anywhere in the house. But for many people, this is not a possibility. Luckily, Powerline communication offers a viable alternative, using the home electrical system to enhance your media streaming experience.

Building a house is not an option – and neither is rewiring an existing one. For many people renting a house or apartment, rewiring may not even be something that they are allowed to do. Yet we all deserve an optimum home entertainment experience which delivers our audio, video, and photographs to wherever we want them, from the top of the house to the bottom.

Powerline communication works wherever there is a wall socket. The Powerline adapter plugs into any electrical outlet and provides an Ethernet port that can be used by any compatible device, such as a laptop computer, smart TV, or streaming media box.. Plugging another adapter in to any other socket in the house automatically creates a link between the two adapters that allow them to communicate. As more adapters are plugged in around the house, it becomes possible to attach devices which can all exchange data on the same network.

A Powerline network creates excellent opportunities for home entertainment. A media server attached to the Powerline adapter can send high-definition audio and video content to other devices anywhere where there is an electrical outlet, enabling people to turn any room into an entertainment hub without worrying about cable lengths or wireless range.

Powerline technology carries a number of benefits that can complement and enhance a home network. Firstly, Powerline adaptors provide an immediate dual function, offering not only an Ethernet outlet, but also a full electrical outlet. This minimizes the number of plugs and jacks needed throughout the home. It also provides power for any device wherever it is needed.

The great thing about Powerline networks is their plug and play functionality. Because all Powerline adapters and existing Ethernet infrastructure work seamlessly together, setting up a home network is a breeze. Simply plug in the adapters where required, plug the relevant entertainment or computing devices into each socket, and enjoy worry-free, no-hassle data communications.

Powerline provides a high performance networking alternative to traditional WiFi. It offers up to half a gigabit of data transfer rate, creating a stable, fast network connection that can be used to send multiple high-definition video streams, online gaming with multiple players, and web surfing traffic anywhere in the house.

One of the truly innovative qualities of Powerline technology is its ability to intuitively interpret and sort different types of data being transmitted. Powerline adapters can tell whether traffic is simply voice, or video, or whether it is carrying other kinds of data, such as email or web surfing traffic. This enables Powerline adapters to offer quality of service functions to customers, prioritizing HD streaming and VoIP over functions such as simple web surfing. This means that your streaming high-definition movies will always be shown at broadcast quality and voice over Internet conversations will always be crystal clear.

Armed with this information, a Powerline adapter can prioritize different types of traffic to ensure that voice and video sessions are delivered without any service interruption.

This plug and play functionality extends to the security of the Powerline network. Powerline adapters will come with built in encryption to protect data as it is beamed from one device to another via the electrical system. Powerline adapters are easy to set up securely with a single-button encryption system.

Ultimately, Powerline networks marry the reliability and performance of a wired network system with the convenience of a wireless one. This makes it a valuable choice for anyone who unable to rewire their home with dedicated Ethernet cable. Choose the easiest option and set up your floodwired home network with the flick of a switch.


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