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"Flameproof "ZyXEL USG Series guards networks against Flame cyber espionage

The Flame virus is a highly sophisticated malicious program capable of stealing on-screen information, monitoring email inboxes, turning on microphones to record nearby conversations, and even use Bluetooth to infect nearby smartphones. Flame malware is able to send stolen data to a network of command-and-control servers located in different parts of the world. With worm-like features, Flame can also replicate over local networks, causing network-wide computer infection. The complexity and functionality of the Flame malware exceed all other cyber-espionage malware known to date. Afflicted areas currently include Middle Eastern countries like Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and Israel.

ZyXEL Unified Security Gateway (USG) models that support ZyXEL’s anti-virus license service are designed to provide businesses with real-time network inspection and multi-layer network protection. USG models are able to detect the Flame malware upon an intrusion attempt and block the malware upon discovery. ZyXEL offers two different anti-virus options as part of the security license service, Kaspersky Anti-Virus and the ICSA-certified ZyXEL Anti-Virus. Both Kaspersky and ZyXEL are equipped with Flame malware information in anti-virus databases, enabling ZyXEL USGs with an anti-virus subscription to protect networks from the Flame virus.

In addition to protecting corporate networks from the latest cyber-attack combinations, ZyXEL Unified Security Gateways offer multiple VPN functions for secure remote network access, and powerful content filters by Blue Coat and Commtouch for safer web surfing, robust email security, and advanced application patrol functions. ZyXEL Unified Security Gateways are full-featured security platforms that guarantee network security for businesses.

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