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May 2012

State of the Digital Home

There is a growing demand for high-tech connected homes with multiple, built-in entertainment and productivity options that blur the lines between where the content originates (TV networks, Internet, home videos) and the device on which it is accessed. Here are some interesting statistics to consider::

  • According to Neilson, online video consumption in the U.S. has increased 45% over the last one year
  • ComScore says 40% of U.S. households have four or more connectivity devices including TVs, PCs, mobile phones and tablets

And these numbers don’t show signs of slowing down any time soon. Putting these two stats together we get a huge market of families who are consuming an alarming amount of content over multiple connectivity devices. They want to be able to view their content anytime and on any device. These changes have not only increased the consumer appetite for faster broadband but is fueling the demand for home connectivity and storage solutions, and someone who can help them make sense of it all.

Wireless ready for prime time?

The regular wireless-n technology was a huge leap forward with speed of up to 300Mbps but it still wasn’t stable enough for reliably streaming HD video. But we’ve found a solution! It involves devices still running on wireless-n but using the 5GHz frequency band instead of the more congested 2.4GHz – 2.4Ghz for Internet surfing and 5Ghz for video streaming and gaming. Also, available are 5GHz media streaming devices that are optimized to wirelessly stream HD content between say storage device and TV. So yes, wireless is now ready for prime time.

Powerful Powerline

But wireless is not the only rodeo in town. Powerline technology has also received huge upgrade in the last year jumping from 200Mbps to 500Mbps. Now available are HomePlug AV devices that can effortlessly stream multiple HD steams

The Digital Store

There has been a huge increase in the amount of critical information (family videos, pictures, financial data and more) stored digitally in the average household. This information needs to be securely accessible from multiple locations and protected from hard drive failures. Networked storage devices with superfast gigabit Ethernet ports offer a ready solution. With built-in DLNA server for media streaming and support for iTunes and other web services, these devices function as data hubs, serving up digital content to any device the user wishes to enjoy them on.

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