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March 2012

Creating your personal cloud

Feature Story Customers can use a combination of media servers, mobile devices, and seamless, high-speed wireless connectivity to create their own personal clouds. This frees their information, making it accessible from wherever they are, and empowering them in their personal and professional lives.

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Preparing for the future of business

Feature Story Small business owners are constantly challenged by competition and the need for efficiency and exemplary customer service. They can use wireless networks to make their office computing more efficient, creating applications that dramatically increase their responsiveness. Here's how.

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Networking Tips

Feature Story
Question I want an office that lets mobile workers move around freely. What do I need?
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Question How many wireless access points do I need?
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Question What can wireless networks do for my business, and what can they not do?
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Question How can I make my wireless network more secure?
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Latest News

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February 23, 2012 Home Entertainment On-the-Go with Personal Cloud
February 17, 2012 ZyXEL Enables Future-proven Enterprise Security


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