Wiring your home for the future

In today's household, multiple family members are placing many demands on the network at once. They are sharing files and printers, gaming online, and streaming video to multiple endpoints in the home. A wired network will give you the reliability that you need to serve this high-bandwidth multimedia data throughout your household- and it can all be done without running any new cable at all through your walls, thanks to the use of Ethernet over powerline technology.

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At home, you don’t want to worry about where your music and videos are, and how you’re going to get them onto the device you’re using. It shouldn’t matter that your PC with your video collection is in one room, and your TV is in the other. Who cares that your music is all on your iPod, while your stereo is in the living room? In some larger homes, lots of thick walls can make it difficult for wireless networks to reach every corner of the home without a repeater. But now, wired home networking enables us to play any media on multiple devices simultaneously.

With their high reliability and blisteringly fast performance, wired networks are perfect to support streaming media in the home. Streaming media is accessible instantly, from anywhere. Instead of having to, say, burn your video from your PC hard drive to a DVD to watch it in the living room, you can begin sending it across your home network to your TV at the touch of a button.  

This boosts your home entertainment experience by making your entertainment effortless. Sitting back on the couch, you don’t have to double as a technical support expert to watch your movies; you just click and go. So you can relax while you watch, which is how entertainment was always meant to be.  

In the past, people were often scared that wired networking would be complex and costly to install in the home. These days, however, nothing could be further from the truth. One of the most important technologies to come out of home networking in the last few years has been Ethernet over powerline. By using special devices designed to support this, you can turn your home electrical system into a blazingly fast network!

Simply plug the small, inexpensive device into your electrical socket, and it becomes a network port for your computer, media server, gaming console, or set-top box. It then connects the device to others placed in electrical sockets around your home.

Ethernet over powerline technology gives you up to 500 Mbits per second of streaming network speed, which is more than enough for multiple high-definition video streams. If the grown-ups want to watch ‘Shutter Island’ in their living room, while the kids are fixated on ‘Scooby Doo’ in their bedroom, powerline networking can keep everyone happy - along with the others who want to play online games with their XBox, or surf the web. 

Wired home networking technology, with its super-fast speeds and rock solid reliability, could also easily support a home media storage server. The network could move the movies and music from different computers around the home onto the media server, which could then be used to stream media to the newly-installed flat screen in your bedroom. With a wired network, a media server can be tucked away in a remote corners of the house and still be connected to the network at full strength via an electrical socket.

Now that modern technology makes it possible to install one configured to your needs in mere seconds, isn’t it time your home got plugged in? Look for more information .